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Leave It All Out There

As a first-generation student, David Hansen is no stranger to working hard to overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams. As a fifth-year senior and member of the Midland football team, David has faced more obstacles than a lot of people, but he never let that hold him back or discourage him.

And while this season didn’t end the way the team wanted it to, he reminds himself, and the team, that it’s important to be grateful for the opportunity they were given amidst such a crazy and unpredictable semester.

“I just try to remind myself and the guys that you can only control the controllables. It might be seen as a cliché saying, but it’s true. We didn’t know if we’d have a season or not. Luckily we did, but it’s best to be prepared and stay ready for anything. It really puts into perspective how lucky we are for the simple things that we may take for granted at times.”

COVID-19 isn’t the only obstacle David has had to overcome. Suffering injuries like a fractured elbow, sprained ankles, nerve damage, and dislocated/broken fingers were nothing in comparison to last season when he tore his ACL and meniscus. After playing a couple games with the injury, he decided to medical redshirt and have surgery. Going from being an athletic, strong athlete to not being able to walk for a month following surgery was definitely an adjustment for him.

“It was crazy the amount of emotion I felt just being able to walk and jog again for the first time, which was something I never imagined happening. On top of the physical stuff, I still had to focus on my classes and rehab throughout it so it was stressful, but it definitely made me a stronger and more appreciative person.”

When he isn’t playing football, David is involved on campus in Sigma Rho and Eco Warriors. After graduation, he would like to play football after college. And once he is done with that he sees himself either pursuing a masters or starting a career in something related to animals and nature. His idol growing up was Steve Irwin, so it is no surprise that he wants to eventually do something similar to him.

But playing football, majoring in biology, and learning how to eventually become the next Steve Irwin wasn’t the only reason David came to Midland. Like many athletes and students just like him, Midland just felt right. Midland felt like home.

“I was recruited through football, but Midland felt different. The other schools made it feel like I was just a number being used for a sport. However, Coach Jamrog along with the staff here made me feel like they wanted me here for who I was. It was more than football. It felt like a family rather than just a business.”

David leaves his fellow teammates and classmates a piece of advice as he wraps up his senior season.

“Have fun. People only get to play a game they love to play for a limited amount of time. We’re blessed to have college football so just enjoy every second of it and leave it all out there. Don’t expect that tomorrow will be there because life’s crazy sometimes. Just focus on being present in the moment.”

David Hansen is a senior Biology major from Albion, Nebraska. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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