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Throughout his Midland University journey, Christian Dames has been writing his own story.

Christian is a writer at heart. Whether it’s research pieces, feature stories, poetry, or even one-act plays – one thing is sure – Christian loves to write.

A senior English, Communication Studies & Secondary Education major with an English endorsement, Christian’s writing ability has already been displayed across campus. He has written the majority of the Faces of Midland features over the past two years, his poetry has been published in Bits of Flint (a Midland student publication of poems, short stories, and artwork), he wrote a one-act play that was performed on stage last year, and his most recent work, Warriors in Words, is a student publication highlighting individuals across campus.

Writing doesn’t come easy for many students, but it’s almost second nature for Christian. “I love storytelling,” he said. “It can be any form of writing; I just love crafting stories that will touch people. There’s something soothing and relaxing about sitting down and putting your thoughts onto paper. It’s my therapy.”

It’s been his therapy since he arrived at Midland four years ago, making the 20-mile trek from Scribner, Nebraska. Midland began to pique his interest his junior year after he received a Pinnacle Bank Leadership Award and scholarship. “When Midland became doable for me, I started taking visits and really fell in love with both the education and arts programs,” he said. “Coming from a small high school, I really loved the small school atmosphere at Midland. It checked a lot of boxes for me.”

Like any incoming freshman, there were first-day jitters for Christian when he arrived on campus. But it only took one class for those fears to be alleviated. “My first class was with Dr. George Conrad, and I remember being very nervous and unsure about what college would be like,” he said. “Going through his class made me realize I was going to be OK. I’ve been blessed to have professors like him, as well as Henry Krusiewicz, Adam Knowlton, and the late John Huss, who have made a great impact on me. One of the great things about Midland is that faculty have the best interests of students in mind.”

Through the Arts Department, Academic Resource Center, Writing Lab, and his role as a work-study, Christian has found ways to integrate himself across campus. “I’m someone that likes variety,” he said. “There’s something about finding your places at Midland, and I know many students find themselves in many different areas. When I came here, I wanted my experiences to build off each other and create that whole person. I look at the Midland experience as not just an education but as involvement.”

His Midland experience has been shared with multiple members of his family. He is joined on campus by his sister, Jillian, a sophomore, while his mother, Mandy, serves as Midland’s Academic Affairs Administrative Coordinator. Christian’s other sister, Elissa, graduated from Midland this past spring. “I actually wasn’t the first member of my family to attend Midland as my grandmother came here as a non-traditional student,” Christian said. “We always talk about Midland being a family environment, and it is, but for me, it’s truly a family endeavor. 

“Some people might think they want to get away from their family for college, but I’ve always been close with my family, and it’s a big reason I came here. It’s been cool to share experiences with my sisters and work with them, but it’s also been great to see them carve out their own little areas on campus. I’ve enjoyed having my family here, and it’s enhanced my experience.”

Much like writing, teaching has played a major role in Christian’s life. With graduation looming in May, Christian will take the next step in his career when he student teaches in the spring. “Starting in high school, I’ve had many opportunities to practice teaching,” he said. “Now, I will have the chance to help other students realize their own interest in a subject and help them figure out where they want to be.

“My plan is to teach high school English, and with journalism being a huge passion of mine, I would love to be involved in some capacity. I see myself staying in the area, and I really value the community atmosphere and pride that exists in a smaller school. I want to be a part of that.”

Christian Dames is a senior English, Communication Studies & Secondary Education major from Scribner, Nebraska.

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