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Curriculum & Learning Environment

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Curriculum & Learning Environment

The Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning program has provided teachers with the opportunities to advance within their schools and boost student achievement. The program allows students to complete the program within two years. Multiple start dates are offered each year.

Explicitly designed with teachers’ needs in mind – Midland’s Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning program offers flexibility, real-world expertise, and a capstone course that allows students to apply their newfound knowledge!

Coursework (18 Credits)

Students complete 18 credits (6 courses) in the general core curriculum and additional credits within their chosen area of emphasis. Core courses are offered online.

A full list of Midland University MEd, endorsement, and certificate course descriptions and credit information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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Capstone Experience

The Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning capstone experience will prepare candidates to promote the success of their schools by providing teachers with outstanding problem-solving skills. Candidates will complete a capstone experience that relates to their area of emphasis.

CBM, HAL & ESL Endorsement Capstone: If a student is earning a Classroom Behavior Management (CBM), High Ability Learner (HAL) or English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement, they will complete our EDU 695 capstone experience. Through this experience, candidates will complete a substantial research synthesis project. Students will synthesize the knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed throughout their program of study. The project will demonstrate competence in conducting an extensive research review, writing professionally, and applying theory to future practice. 

National Board Certification Preparation Capstone: If a student is completing an area of emphasis in National Board Certification Preparation, they will take EDU 698: Capstone Presentation. The Midland Teacher Candidate (MTC) will complete the requirements for components one through four. The MTC will write a final overall reflection including a summary of the portfolio entries and an explanation of the MTC’s growth through the process, including: Why did the MTC decide to apply for NBPTS certification? What did the MTC learn from the process? How has this changed the MTC’s teaching? What is different about the MTC’s classroom and why should others pursue/support (or not) NB Certification? The MTC will identify and explain how the Five Core Propositions are inserted in the MTC’s responses. The MTC will present and engage in a professional discussion with a Midland faculty panel.

Principal Endorsement: If a student is earning a Principal Endorsement, they complete a capstone experience that prepares them to promote the success of the schools they lead by using a problem-solving process known as action research. Action research supports continuous school improvement through staff collaboration, data analysis, and self-reflection that furthers the well-being of the school community.

Areas of Emphasis

Students have options to choose an area of emphasis with a Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning or as a standalone endorsement.

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Learning Environment

Flexible Class Structure

Designed around a teacher’s demanding schedule, the Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning can be completed entirely online. With the help of our program, students can immediately apply what they are learning to their profession each day because of our flexible class structures. 

1. Multiple Start Dates

Our Master of Special Education program allows students to jump into courses at many points throughout the year because it does not have any prerequisites. Students may pause their coursework and start back up as the challenges of being an adult learner are a reality of life.

Please note: The capstone course must be taken in the final term.

If students decide to pause their coursework, our admissions team will look at what classes still need to be completed, and when those classes will be offered next to re-enter the program within that term.

If the course is not offered in that term, the student will have to wait until the course is offered.

2. Class Schedule

Our program modules run from Monday through Sunday, with the bulk of assignments due on Sunday to allow teachers to plan around their demanding work schedule.

Online Schedule

To meet the needs of students across the state and region, our all-online programs allow students to jump in from anywhere, yet still be part of the connected and personal Midland community. The online network encourages collaboration with peers from urban and rural districts in order to learn first-hand new approaches in education through a robust knowledge-sharing network.

All online courses are asynchronous in delivery, meaning students don’t have to log in at any specific time, but rather keep up with homework on their own schedule. Modules run on a schedule of Monday through Sunday, with the bulk of assignments due on Sunday to allow for a teacher’s demanding schedule. 

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