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Lueninghoener Planetarium

Lueninghoener Planetarium


The planetarium is located on the Southwest corner of Swanson Hall of Science, 8th and Irving Street in Fremont. You should park west of Swanson Hall and enter the building through the west doors.

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Planetarium/Observatory Overview History

The Lueninghoener Planetarium opened its doors in 1965. It was designed by Dr. Gilbert Lueninghoener. He began the tradition of solid science education based programs. This tradition continues today. Groups are able to request programs on a variety of topics. Also, current astronomical events are often featured within the programs. The planetarium is utilized by Midland University students, school groups, scouts, church groups, and the general public. Midland University appreciated the contribution of the Walter and Ruby Behlen family. Almost forty years of Midland Astronomy students have been able to use the Behlen Observatory. The Behlen Observatory/Telescopes are also available for use by community groups. On average, two times per year the Observatory/Telescopes are open to the public.

Related Activities

In addition to the planetarium, there are other activities to do while on campus. Groups are encouraged to take advantage of the Glismann Rock and Mineral Collection located in the Swanson Hall of Science hallway just east of the planetarium. Also, weather permitting, the Midland University Heritage Arboretum has a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. The majority of the specimens are labeled. 

Astronomy Posters

Two astronomy posters are now on display in the West lobby of Swanson Hall, 8th and Irving Street. This lobby is next to the planetarium. The posters show images of the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101, made with three space telescopes, Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer. The galaxy was imaged using visible light, x-ray light, and infrared light. There is a free handout that describes the posters to help you appreciate what you will be seeing. A striking poster of the center of our galaxy is on display in the middle of the first floor hallway in Swanson Hall. This image combines the light of the Hubble, Chandra, and Spitzer space telescopes to reveal new details of the stars, gas, and dust found at the center of our galaxy. Swanson Hall is usually open from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. Exceptions are Thanksgiving break  and Christmas break.