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About Midland

About Midland

Our mission is to inspire people to learn and lead in the world with purpose.

Founded in 1883, Midland University is a liberal arts college providing relevant opportunities in more than 30 academic areas, four graduate programs, and a variety of professional studies programs to students at both their Fremont and Omaha locations. Recently recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education as the 9th fastest-growing private, nonprofit baccalaureate institution in the country, Midland takes a modern approach to liberal arts education. Our innovative approach of working from the marketplace back provides students with the relevant skills to lead in the world with purpose.

Acclaimed Academics

Midland University students gain personal attention from their advisors and hands-on experience in their major, not to mention the edge in job and graduate school placement. Midland promotes excellence through more than 30 majors and pre-professional programs and has a reputation as a leader in education, business, nursing and medical sciences, and human performance.

Graduate In Four Years - Guaranteed

The Midland 4-Year Graduation Guarantee assures students meeting basic requirements will graduate within four years. If you don’t graduate in our four-year plan, we will pay 100% of your tuition until you do.  How do we do it? In our innovative Center for the 4-Year Graduation Guaranteed, we have an entire team of professional advisors dedicated to helping you succeed.

Midland University’s Growing Campus

Midland University is Nebraska’s fastest growing college. With Nebraska’s largest athletic department, hundreds of opportunities in the performing arts and a cozy campus where you can learn and live, it’s no wonder more students are calling Midland home than ever. 

Warriors Are Active & Involved

We don’t want you to give up on your dreams after high school. In fact, we want you to learn through the things that you love. At Midland University, you can continue to play sports, stand out on stage, excel in the classroom and reach your full potential through your passion. On the Midland University campus, more than 500 hundred student athletes participate in 33 varsity sports – This is more athletic offerings than any other college in Nebraska.  Students also choose from more than 250 opportunities in the performing arts , more than 30 academic programs, and over 60 clubs and student organizations

Midland University Is Student Centric

You are more than a number at Midland University. With a 14:1 student-to-faculty ratio, professors who know you by name and professional advisors who care, you are the focus at Midland. The average classroom size is 23, so our professors can concentrate on hands-on, one-on-one learning.

We Love Our Tight-Knit Community

With 60 percent of students residing on campus, Midland students learn and live in an active, cozy campus community.  The campus offers a small college feel where you can build lifelong relationships.

Statement of Core Institutional Values

Midland University is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We hold the following core values to be the foundation of our identity as a community.

  • Faith - We believe as a college of the Lutheran tradition that faith and learning are inexorably linked. We believe that the exploration of faith and religion is an essential human endeavor.
  • Quality - We believe in upholding exacting standards of quality and accountability. We believe in a learning experience where excellence in all things is valued and expected by all our constituents - our faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees and friends.
  • Respect - We believe in the sanctity of the individual in a mutually supportive community of a small college. Therefore, we believe in a focus on each person as an individual with inherent worth.
  • Stewardship - We believe we are called to educate morally and ethically responsible citizens of a pluralistic society. In this endeavor, we are guided by the ideas of service, integrity, and mutual respect.
  • Learning - We believe that learning is best based on open inquiry and the liberal arts. We believe that an appreciation of the empirical, theoretical and aesthetic forms of knowledge is critical to the development of citizens who can respond to an ever-changing world.

More About Our History 

Founded in 1883, Midland University is the product of college and church mergers. Midland College was established in Atchison, Kansas, by the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on September 15, 1887. The name Midland College was selected because of its central location in the United States. In 1919, the college moved to Fremont, Nebraska. The Fremont property had previously been called Fremont Normal School and Business College. In 1962, Midland merged with Luther Junior College (founded in Wahoo, Nebraska, in 1883). Midland College then became Midland Lutheran College. In 1973, Midland University took over the nursing program from Immanuel Medical Center, a Lutheran hospital in Omaha, and created a four-year baccalaureate degree program. Finally, in 2010, Midland Lutheran College became Midland University.

History of the Midland Warriors

Midland University's history is rooted in multiple institutions, each of which has left its mark on the school and on its mascot. Midland College was first located in Atchison, Kansas, where it was founded by German and Swedish immigrants. The first mascot they selected was the “Tigers,” along with the official colors orange and black.

The college was relocated to Fremont in 1919, and the mascot was changed to the “Warriors” in recognition of a theme tied more closely to the history of the founders. Luther College later merged with Midland College in 1962 to create Midland Lutheran College. The Luther College “Vikings” sported blue as their school color prior to the merge. For many years, the Warrior mascot was personified through imagery of a Native American Warrior.  This was recognized to be a misfit, however, as Midland's past was actually routed in European ancestry, and just the name "Warriors" was used without any additional icon.

Feeling the absence of a living, breathing figure that appropriately represented the school on and off the field, various warrior types were used in short spurts ranging from “Melvin the Midland Monster” from the early 1990's to Leonidas, a more recent Spartan Warrior. In 2010, amid Midland Lutheran College's refounding as Midland University, a new icon was created to reflect Midland's Nordic history, incorporating both the Luther College Viking blue and the Midland Warrior orange and black. This new Nordic Warrior provides a connection to Midland's heritage while offering a modern symbol of the strength and determination Midland University student-athletes display as Warriors.

Throughout Midland University’s proud history, many changes have taken place. Whether you are connected to Midland from the past, the present, or in the years to come, one thing remains the same. The heart of a Warrior is present in all who call Midland their own.


Midland University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois, 60604-1411,

Midland University is seeking comments from the public about the university in preparation for its periodic evaluation by its regional accrediting agency.

The university will host a visit December 3-4, 2018, with a team representing the Higher Learning Commission. Midland University has been accredited by the commission since 1963. The team will review the institution’s continued compliance with the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation.

The public is invited to submit comments regarding the college:

Public Comment on Midland University
Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1411

The public may also submit comments on the Commission’s website at Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs. Comments must be in writing. Midland University is accredited by the  Higher Learning Commission and the Department of Higher Education of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Individual programs are accredited by the Nebraska State Board of Nursing, the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, and the Nebraska State Department of Education. Documentation of accreditation may be viewed upon request in the Office of the President.

Midland University Notice of Non-Discrimination

Midland University’s Vice President of Finance & Administration, 900 N Clarkson, Fremont, NE 68025, (402) 941-6102  has been designated to handle inquiries regarding our non-discrimination policies.  Complaints may be directed to the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, One Petticoat Lane, 1010 Walnut Street, Suite 320, Kansas City, MO 64106.