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Peregrine Test Reveals Midland University Business Students Prepared for the Future


In a knowledge-based assessment that helps reveal how business students are prepared for the next phase of their careers, Midland University Dunklau School of Business students posted impressive results taking the Peregrine Test.

The Peregrine Test is a practical, knowledge-based exam that evaluates students on accounting, finance, business integration and strategy, economics, human resources, operations, organizational behavior, marketing, and research techniques. 

Nearly all DSOB students are required to take the Peregrine Test as part of their capstone project before graduating. “We switched from major field tests to the Peregrine Test three years ago because we believed it was a better assessment of what students had learned during their four years at Midland and what they would be able to accomplish after graduation,” said Todd Conkright, Dean for the Dunklau School of Business. “It’s a very well-rounded test that measures all the disciplines within business. It’s more than just learning facts and figures; it’s learning how to apply business concepts in different fields.”

When factoring in scores for all tests, Midland scored in the 90th percentile as an institution. DSOB students were scoring higher than other comparable institutions across the board, often by as many as 20 points.

“Each year, our scores have gotten a little higher,” Conkright said. “I believe the students see the value in the test, especially when we can share results and show them what they’ve learned. It’s also valuable to share these results with incoming students and help them realize all they will learn in their time at Midland.”

Conkright believes the value of the test is not only showcasing what students have learned, but how they will be able to apply that knowledge in the next phase of their career. “We want to make sure our students have certain skill sets, which they can learn through internships, certifications, and real-life experiences,” he said. “We tie it to our Business Strategy class, and Dr. Jennifer Murnane-Rainey (Associate Professor of Management and Finance) does a great job of explaining the importance of this test, not only for the students but for our program.”

The strong test results not only indicate DSOB students are retaining what they have learned over the past four years, but are applying those to real-life situations that will show their value to a competitive marketplace. “It’s something we are very proud of,” Conkright said. “The faculty has worked very hard to build projects and real-life experiences in the classroom. I think it’s confirmation that what we’re doing in the classroom is working.”

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