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Midland University Continues Enrollment Climb; Boasts Record Numbers


In a time where colleges across the country are seeing decreases in enrollment, Midland University is continuing to buck the trend. Midland is posting record enrollment numbers for the fourth consecutive year, with more than 1,600 students enrolled for the 2021 fall semester. 

Midland has separated itself as an innovative enrollment leader in higher education during this growth period. “National trends continue to show declining enrollment in colleges and universities, so for us, four consecutive years of record enrollment is evidence that students are attracted to our approach to higher education,” said Merritt Nelson, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing. “Our growth over the last four years has been purposeful and intentional. We are committed to establishing ourselves as a thriving university that impacts communities and changes lives.”

Jody Horner, Midland University President, believes the growth Midland is experiencing can be attributed to its dedication to its students and its ability to position them for success after graduation. “We will continue to be relentless in our pursuit of excellence and a student-centered experience,” Horner said. “With an active pulse on the demands of the marketplace, ongoing interaction with industry leaders, and an understanding of the expectations of students, we continue to assert ourselves as an innovative leader in higher education.”

The most significant growth from the 2020-21 school year came through Midland’s Center for Graduate and Professional Studies, where numbers grew from 257 in the 2020 fall semester to 340 students this fall. “We continue to see the greatest opportunity for growth in the adult learning population,” Nelson said. “Through a variety of in-person, hybrid, and online programs, our Center for Graduate and Professional Studies is growing at an exponential rate. We will continue to look for ways to invest in relevant programs to meet the needs of our students and communities.”

Midland’s undergraduate student population is 1,140, which includes a diverse and academically strong incoming freshmen class of 341. Midland’s enrollment is composed of students from 39 different states and 17 different countries.

While steady growth over the last four years has set Midland on a positive trajectory, the University continues to explore new growth opportunities and is currently in the process of executing ‘Strategy 2025, which will aid Midland in its pursuit to future-proof the University.’

“We have aspirational goals for Midland University and believe that our recent growth is just the beginning,” Nelson said. “We will be relentless in our continued pursuit to fulfill our mission and change lives well into the future.”

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