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Midland Hosts Fall Research Fair


Midland University hosted its Fall Research Fair on December 9th at the Wikert Event Center.

There were 53 student-led presentations with various faculty and staff members serving as judges for the event. Students presented in areas of Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, History, Honors Program, Human Services, Mathematics, and Sociology.

The Research Fair is an opportunity to showcase the outstanding academic work and experiential learning students are doing on campus. For many students, their presentations will serve as the capstone experience for their academic major, requiring them to apply skills they have developed throughout their time at Midland University. 

Awards were presented to the top two finishers in three different categories. To view each presentation, visit the Research Fair page.

Midland University students Natali Dominquez and Taylor Kvittem at the Research Fair
First Place Experiential Research

Natali Dominguez & Taylor Kvittem
Friendship Center

Midland University students Allie Lazarus and Erin Baum at the Research Fair
Second Place Experiential Research

Erin Baum, Allie Lazarus, & Malorie Poessnecker
Keep Fremont Beautiful

Midland University student Peyton Garbers at the Research Fair
First Place Inquiry and Evidence-Based Research

Peyton Garbers
The Experience of Midwestern Urban and Rural Centers During the Great Depression

Midland University student Ross McMahon at the Research Fair
Second Place Inquiry and Evidence-Based Research

Ross McMahon
Red Summer: The Year of Terror

Midland University student Jonah Housh at the Research Fair
First Place Primary Data-Explanatory Research

Jonah Housh
The Effects of Athletic Involvement on Academic Performance

Midland University student Emma Johnson at the Research Fair
Second Place Primary Data-Explanatory Research

Emma Johnson
How Organizational Culture and Socialization Processes Influence Memorable Messages in College Recruitment at Midland University

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