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Midland University Labyrith Project

Navigating through life can be filled with many twists and turns. Through its creation of a labyrinth on campus, Dr. Courtney Wilder’s Religion as Lived Experience class allows students to reflect on the many paths life can take them on.

Wilder’s class constructed the labyrinth on November 1. Dating back to Greek mythology, a labyrinth is a maze consisting of a complicated network of passages in which it is difficult to find one’s way. Luke Chavanne, a junior Youth Family Ministry major, believes the labyrinth serves as a great symbol of life itself. “A labyrinth is a good metaphor for life,” he said. “There are lots of twists, and we’re not sure what the next turn may hold. Through all of that, you find yourself and who you are through different life experiences.”

The labyrinth sits in an open area between Fremont Hall and Clemmons Hall. There are various signs providing directions on how to navigate the labyrinth, as well as to navigate through life. “It’s really all about problem-solving,” Chavanne said. “In life, everybody has different situations that cause them to question their beliefs. The labyrinth is similar in that, much like life, it can be confusing and hard, and you might not know which way to go. But in the end, the choices you make reflect who you are. Even if you make mistakes along the way, you can find the right path again.”

Chavanne has been through a labyrinth himself and is hopeful others can use the experience to reflect on where the road has taken them and where the next road may lead. “It’s a way for people to come together,” he said. “Sometimes, we take wrong turns and get lost. What makes life great is the experiences, and if you experience a wrong turn, you can correct yourself and realize there is a way out. That makes the end even more fulfilling.”

Wilder said she expects the labyrinth to be in place for a couple of weeks and is available to anyone on campus.

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