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EcoWarriors Look to Make Impact on Local, Global Level


A new group at Midland University wants to do its part in making sure the campus, and the globe, are taken care of for future generations. The EcoWarriors will host its first meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at the Luther Library. 

The group’s motto is “Save Mother Earth 2020: If we don’t care for her, how will she care for us?” The intent of the EcoWarriors is to educate students on the importance of maintaining the environment and the effects that everyday activity has on the world. Hannah Stewart, a senior nursing major from Salt Lake City, Utah and President of the EcoWarriors, said people need to be aware and accountable for the future of the earth. “We have to do something on our own,” she said. “We’ve been thinking about this for a while, and now we’re getting it kick-started.” 

Marley Farrell, a senior sociology/criminal justice major from Long Beach, California and the group’s vice president, said the EcoWarriors is aimed at drawing in students who have concerns for the future. “We want people who care about the earth and want to help our planet,” she said. “I think sometimes people don’t want to do something because they think it’s these huge things we need to change. But in reality, it’s simple things like having reusable water bottles, riding your bike, or carpooling. Those are simple things that can make huge changes.”

Stewart said the initial meeting will be a chance to introduce new members and formulate a game plan for the next semester. Stewart said one plan they would like to see implemented is more reusable cups in the Warrior Grill. Farrell added that tracking carbon footprint of students on campus would be beneficial in recognizing potential solutions. “It could be tracking their water and electricity usage, or something as simple as turning off the lights whenever you leave the room,” Farrell said. “If people become aware of that, we can find ways to cut it.”

Stewart added that long-range goals would include getting reusable paper on campus, doing an energy audit across campus to find out what’s being used and where cuts could be made, and working with the Fremont Community Solar Farm on future projects. She believes the time is right for people to realize changes need to be made. “Conservation is a huge topic right now and it’s re-opened our eyes that there’s not a lot of time to fix it,” Stewart said. “If we all start making tiny changes now, it will result in bigger changes down the road. We all have a role to play in this and there’s something each of us can do.”

For those with further questions about the EcoWarriors, email

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