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Why You Should Invest in Yourself with an MBA


My name is Gage Bliven and I am a Business Development Manager at SoftwareONE. I am also a proud alumnus of Midland’s MBA program.

Speaking from my experience, I wouldn’t trade my MBA education for anything. I learned so much, met so many amazing people and most importantly, I gained immense confidence in myself. I have made lifelong friends through this program by connecting with other students, colleagues, and my professors. 

If you want to learn from the industry, what better way than learning from those with inarguable backgrounds and industry experience, most even still working full-time in those positions while instructing!

My Reason Why

Like most others, obtaining my MBA was motivated by the desire for personal growth and career advancement. The narrative of why I would want personal growth and career advancement is to provide the best future for those I love by being the most valuable and in-demand asset I can be. 

To stay current in the market and grow within your respective industry, personal development and lifelong learning are essential in staying competitive. Ultimately, I chose to pursue my MBA for my family.

My Midland MBA Experience

Honestly, I had an extraordinary time throughout the entire process. Each class had an area of learning that was new to me and the culmination of the curriculum and our comprehension was on full display during the consulting aspect of the capstone. The confidence I’ve gained from the program was as key as the information I was learning. I now have the confidence to think at a high-level and make strategic, educated, and supported decisions.

Networking through the program gave us the opportunity to interact face-to-face with our peers while learning together. The class structure not only created an environment of teamwork but it necessitated team work as a learning methodology. 

Although the pandemic created a potential barrier for networking, I feel we and the program did a great job adapting and creating a virtual environment where we as students and colleagues could still maintain that interaction and networking. I was lucky enough to build a strong friendship with several of my fellow students and I can sincerely say I learned as much from my peers as I did from the program.

My Advice

Ask yourself what you would be doing if you didn’t take the next step – if you decide not to further your education. Your answer may honestly suggest that the cost of pursuing an MBA is too high. I recommend you put together a cost analysis sheet and be honest with yourself as to why you want to get an MBA.

It is important to understand though that learning from people is exceptionally effective and networking is particularly important in the business world. The conversation must be deeply personal and is always your decision to make, but be willing to invest in yourself.   

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