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Walk In Your Own Shoes

“Walk in your own shoes.” It means taking the time to consider who you are and how your actions impact those around you. As a mindset, it is understanding who you are and who you want to be. Tori Baker has tried to keep that mindset as she goes through life.

A freshman at Midland, Tori participates in softball and is an elementary education major. After graduation, she plans to continue her education while teaching.

“I plan on finding a job and working toward my master’s degree. My dream job is to become an elementary teacher for either a first or second grade class.”

When choosing Midland, Tori considered her degree and the opportunity to continue playing softball. She enjoyed the small school atmosphere at Midland, and ultimately, it was the connections and atmosphere that brought her here.

“I decided to come to Midland because I knew I wanted to major in education, and I got to meet with some of the professors, and I loved it. I really enjoyed the size of the campus because I like how small the classes were so that I could have that one-on-one learning with my professors, and I could actually get to know them. Another reason I came to Midland was because of softball. I was lucky enough to continue playing softball.”

For Tori, being a Warrior means having the drive and work ethic to give it your all. It is a mindset she wants to keep as she continues her career at Midland.

“Being a Warrior for me means giving every ounce of effort I have and not giving up.”

After adjusting to the college schedule and classes her first semester, Tori feels she has settled into her college student role. When she isn’t in class or working on schoolwork, she has found a way to fill her newfound freedom, usually by hanging out with her friends. For incoming freshmen, she has one piece of advice.

“Don’t be nervous! It is so much easier if you are willing to ask people to do something.”

Tori Baker is a freshman elementary education major from Fremont, Nebraska. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland. 

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