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For Peyton Garbers, the key to success wherever you find yourself is how you work for it. With aspirations to pursue a career in law, Peyton has always worked with a mindset of giving it his all. Without it, he knows he won’t reach his goals. 

“Our coach always says, ‘Fake it till you make it.’ Even if you are not having a good day or you’re struggling, if you have that attitude of getting what you need to get done today done, it’s going to be fine.”

Peyton was initially drawn to Midland by its baseball program when considering school options. What solidified his decision, however, was Midland’s academics. Enrolling as a history major, Peyton felt that Midland offered him an academic program that would support his law career aspirations while also allowing him to continue to play the sport he loves.

“I came to Midland primarily for baseball, but I was also drawn by the academic side. I am a history and English major, and I plan on using those to go to law school. I think history is important because it gives you critical thinking skills and a perspective on the law in general. For English, it develops my writing ability and interpretation skills through studying literature.”

Peyton was assured in his decision when he encountered his professors. At Midland, Peyton believes he has professors that have his best interest in mind. He identifies English professor Henry Krusiewicz as someone who has made an incredible impact on him by encouraging him to add an English major to help prepare for law. Peyton believes that having professors like Henry Krusiewicz makes all the difference.

“I think it is really good when professors support their students in their future goals. It shows the personal connections you have with them, and it shows that they care about you. You don’t always get that kind of support from your professors at some of the bigger schools, and it just makes it more real when you talk to them about your goals. In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have added an English major if Henry [Krusiewicz] didn’t talk to me about it. I think, in that sense, he has been a big part in influencing and shaping who I am today.”

Peyton decided to pursue law early on. After job shadowing a public defender in high school, he became fascinated with the concept of law and its impact on society. Peyton also appreciates the versatility of law. In Peyton’s case, he has a particular interest in pursuing a law career in the world of sports. 

“I like the aspect of how the law applies to everyday people as a social construct. I think the influences of that are very interesting in how certain words can make that much of an impact on what you can and can’t do. As I have gotten into it more, I started focusing more on how you can be a legal representative of an organization or even a sports team. It was those discoveries that made me realize I could combine my two interests of law and sports.”

As Peyton prepares for the next chapter of his life post-graduation, he is excited for the new challenges ahead. He encourages his peers to take advantage of the opportunities, the people, and the experiences they have here. And through anything you set out to accomplish, remember to invest in it and give it your all. 

“Work hard. If you have a one day at a time mentality, it makes everything seem a lot less overwhelming. As you get older you come to realize that some days you have to ‘fake it till you make it’, because you have to keep working hard to reach your goals. If you are shooting for those high grades or that starting position, you have to work hard if you truly want it.”

Peyton Garbers is a senior history and English major from Sioux Falls, SD. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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