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Be True to Yourself

“Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy.” Natalie Hammer has relied on this advice with every new experience that comes her way. It is easy to fall into what the crowd wants you to do, but even when the pull seems strong, it is important to recognize where the line is drawn in terms of your own being and your own happiness. 

As a freshman, Natalie has felt this throughout her first year of college. While she has had to figure out where she fits at Midland University, she has managed to stay true to herself and her goals.

“You can worry about everyone else around you, but at the end of the day, the only thing you can control is who you are and who you are becoming.” 

Natalie is a nursing major, and after graduation, her dream job is to become a pediatric nurse at a major children’s hospital, further supporting a field she is passionate about.

“My family and I are huge supporters of childhood cancer research and funding! Go Gold!”

A member of the dance team, Natalie points to the atmosphere she experienced while visiting Midland as the primary reason for her decision to attend. She has a feeling of true value at Midland, something she doesn’t think she would’ve gotten somewhere else. Here, she is someone as opposed to another name on the paper.

“I came to Midland because I knew I would be recognized as an individual with goals and aspirations rather than another student in a class. Here, your college journey is personal, and I knew as soon as I visited that the professors, coaches, and other staff truly cared about everyone on this campus.” 

As Natalie continues her college journey as both a student and a dancer, she wants to continue to work toward her life goals. However, as she nears the conclusion of her first year, she also recognizes the importance of taking some time to enjoy the journey she’s on.

“I have always set high standards for myself, and I value my achievements. I have learned throughout my life so far that I must also enjoy the moments of life. It’s good to look ahead and plan for the future, but it’s also essential to my happiness that I enjoy every day that I am given. I have learned a lot throughout my 19 years, but I would say that is the most important lesson.”

Reflecting on her first year, Natalie views her role as a Warrior as something more than getting a college degree. It is about the journey of growth and the people that help get you there. With that, Natalie has one piece of advice for incoming freshmen. 

“Put yourself out there! I still remind myself of this every day. Try to meet new people every day and get to know your professors! Get involved and have fun!”

Natalie Hammer is a freshman nursing major from York, Nebraska. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland. 

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