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You Can’t Expect Yourself Out of Anyone Else

“You can’t expect yourself out of anyone else.” When interacting with others, Madi Becker makes sure to embody this mindset. To truly make the most of the relationships you build, it is important to recognize the strengths everyone brings to the table and not just expect people to share the same strengths as you. 

A senior arts management major and digital marketing minor, Madi took a non-traditional academic path after high school. Upon graduation, she pursued her passion for performance and joined the Young Americans for four years. After seeing many of her fellow Young Americans go through Midland and find success, she decided Midland was where she needed to be.

“There are so many Young Americans who have finished their degree at Midland, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me.”

Even after her time with the Young Americans, Madi is still pursuing her passion in the arts. She is primarily involved in theatre and choir and serves as a work-study in charge of costumes in the arts department. Ultimately, the opportunity to participate in the arts at Midland has allowed her to work toward her dream career. 

“I know that I want to work in live theatre production, preferably in an administrative or director position. My dream job at the moment is to be a children’s theatre director or Broadway casting director.”

As a non-traditional student, there is a natural struggle with relating to your younger peers. However, Madi has managed to overcome this obstacle by developing strong relationships with her peers in the arts department. In her short time here, Madi has become a leader in the arts department, even being selected for the department’s Guiding Light award. Ultimately, Madi encourages all new students to take life as it comes, regardless of their journey.

“Breathe and relax; take every day as a new opportunity. Stop worrying about the future, and everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.”

Madi Becker is a senior arts management major and digital marketing minor from Elkhorn, NE. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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