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Live in the Moment

Since she was super young, Katelyn Coon has been incredibly creative and had a passion for art. Being creative was such a big part of her life, she even loved making up dances in her living room with her stuffed animals. When she was six years old she started taking dance classes, and when she was ten years old she started competing.

Before transferring to Archbishop Bergan High school for her junior and senior year, Katelyn was pretty shy. But once she got to Bergan, she quickly opened up, became more confident, made new friends, and won a state and national dance championship.

Fast forward to today, and she is a member of the dance team at Midland and continuing to find who she is and make more amazing memories. Even though she hasn’t entirely decided between majoring in pre-pharmacy or digital marketing, Katelyn has been focusing on her studies as a member of the Honors Program.

Like so many others, Katelyn chose to come to Midland because she instantly fell in love with the dance program, small environment, and the fact that it is close to home.

“My family has always been important to me, and my mom has always been one of my best friends.”

Even though she hasn’t been here long, one of her proudest accomplishments is making it onto the Premier Dance Company. When she’s not in class, she’s probably at dance, but if she’s not at dance, you can usually find her scrolling through social media or doing something creative. After she graduates, Katelyn hopes to go to pharmacy school to one day do pharmaceutical research or find a job as a digital marketer or graphic designer.

Adjusting to college life certainly isn’t easy. For Katelyn, it definitely was an adjustment to learn how to live in a dorm and being away from home. She would remind herself that everything happens for a reason, and if she just keeps working hard in school and dance, everything else will fall into place. Because Warriors are trained to face adversity and always find a way to overcome it.

“To me, being a Warrior means that you are up for any challenge. You are willing to take up a lot and still do your best in everything that is thrown at you.

The best piece of advice Katelyn has ever received is to never think too much about past moves you already made or try to think too far ahead. Simply focus on making the move right now and making it the best it can be. Just live in the moment.

Katelyn Coon is a freshman from Omaha, Nebraska. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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