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Evangeline Rukundo, Associate Professor of Chemistry | Faces of Midland: Employee Edition


The greatest accomplishment for Evangeline Rukundo is when she’s able to help one of her students. 

“The best part is getting to know my students and listen to their achievements, struggles, and dreams. I feel accomplished when I am able to help a student with a pressing concern.”

For the past five years, Evangeline, an Associate Professor of Chemistry, has helped many students at Midland not only become well-versed in the ways of chemistry, but navigate their way through college life. It’s a lesson she says traces back to mentors she’s had in her own journey. 

“I was inspired to become an educator by my mentors, and my students, when I taught as a teaching assistant in graduate school. They saw a teacher in me when I never considered myself one.”

Evangeline teaches a variety of chemistry courses at Midland, most often general and organic chemistry. Her favorite subject to teach is organic synthesis, which in layman’s terms means how things are made, be it artificially or naturally.

If Evangeline had not discovered teaching as a career, it’s likely chemistry would still have played a major part in her life as a chemical engineering consultant.

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys spending time cooking and reading. The books she is reading look a little different from the way she herself writes. 

“I’m left-handed with a twist. I write my sentences vertically from top down instead of left to right like most people do!”

Evangeline offers simple, yet valuable guidance to her students. “The best advice I can give them is to use their time wisely and start their day with silent prayer and a large dose of gratitude.”

Getting to know Evangeline Rukundo

Snack you can’t resist: Mixed roasted nuts.

When flipping channels, I’ll always stop to watch … Surprise! I do not watch TV.

What artist dominates your playlist: Matt Maher. I can find a song by him for every mood and season of my life.

Ideal vacation: Spend a couple of weeks at an Armenian monastery.

Most used emoji: The happy face with smiling eyes; the broad closed smile turning up to rosy cheeks 😊

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