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The Secret of Success

Moving by yourself to a new country takes bravery that not all of us have. But when Christian Sanchez was given the opportunity to pursue his passion for soccer and travel to new places, moving to the United States was a no-brainer.

“Here, I have faced different challenges but they have made me grow up and become a better person. Even though I believe that the best is yet to come.”

Christian began his collegiate soccer career at Iowa Lakes Community College where he caught the eye of Midland men’s soccer head coach, Raphael Martinez. 

“Coach Martinez saw me playing at my junior college and offered me a scholarship to come and play here. When I came for the campus visit, I really liked the campus and the good energy on it.”

As vice captain of the soccer team, he has faced countless obstacles and challenges during his soccer career at Midland. But perhaps the hardest obstacle he had to overcome was a knee injury that took over a year to fully recover from. Perhaps that injury is what pushed him to want to pursue his graduate degree after graduation in hopes of one day owning a Functional Training and Rehabilitation Center for athletes.

“I think a Warrior is a person that wakes up every day with a smile, happy and willing to own the day regardless of all the struggles that he has to face during the day. People that wake up at 4 a.m., have two or more jobs in order to provide for their family, are facing serious illnesses, and those who sacrifice everything in order to give the best life for their children are the real Warriors.”

If Christian has taught us anything, it’s that everything happens for a reason and life puts you where you’re meant to be. If he hadn’t taken a leap of faith to move to the United States and play soccer, he probably wouldn’t have been injured. But that injury led him to his true calling of athletic training and helping other athletes going through similar struggles.

Christian Sanchez is a senior Human Performance major with a concentration in Athletic Training from Vigo, Spain. Upon graduation he will also receive certifications in strength and conditioning and minors in coaching and nutrition. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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