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Be Brave and Strong

“Just keep running and don’t stop.” It’s a mindset that Yamilie Lopez has carried with her throughout her life. Having the drive to keep going and not letting up on her goals has provided motivation for Yamilie. 

A freshman at Midland, Yamilie is a member of the women’s wrestling team. Midland has provided her the academic route to reach her post-graduate goal of working at a big firm as a marketing director. It was that balance of academics and activities that made Midland the natural choice.

“It offered the best opportunity both with education and with sports. It also felt like I could create a home away from home.”

In addition to wrestling and academics, Yamilie serves as a Midland ambassador. She has enjoyed the opportunity to meet various people interested in Midland and confidently say she has figured out her tour routes.

“I think my favorite thing that I’ve done or has happened to me is how good I’ve gotten at giving tours and that I have been able to connect easily with people from different states.”

To Yamilie, being a Warrior means being brave and strong and having the drive to take a giant step every day. With this Warrior mentality, Yamilie is taking significant steps her freshman year as she works to start a new organization on campus: Hispanic Student Union.

“I’m hoping that the organization helps everyone from Latin and Hispanic cultures have a place to make friends from the same background. I also hope that it allows those that aren’t from that background to be able to make new friends from different backgrounds than their own.”

Yamilie credits one of her professors, Sidney Hirsch, as a major supporter in her decision to pursue starting this group on campus. Yamilie felt that she largely sat out her first semester, but this semester, she hopes to change that with the support of those around her. 

“Sidney was the most influential professor I had in my first semester. She’s opened my eyes to so many great opportunities on campus, and she’s the one who has inspired me, alongside Jonathan Estrada (admissions counselor), to start the Hispanic Student Union.”

Yamilie Lopez is a freshman Digital Marketing major from Orange Park, Florida. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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