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Marketing Research Guide

Marketing Research Guide

Welcome to the Marketing Research Guide. This guide is to assist students who are taking courses in the Dunklau School of Business, and can also assist students, faculty, and staff doing research in this area.

This Research Guide will provide information on the most relevant databases to search from, online periodicals we may subscribe to, and websites and open access options for this subject.

If you have questions or would like assistance with your research, please contact the Head Librarian at


Academic Search Complete

Coverage of most academic areas including business, social sciences, general academic, and general sciences.

Business Source Elite

This database features full text and searchable cited references for top journals covering a variety of business disciplines. In addition, it includes market research reports, industry reports, country reports, company profiles and SWOT analyses. 

Directory of Open Access Journals

A large database of open access peer-reviewed  journals and articles.

MarketResearch Academic

Off Campus Link

The Freedonia Focus Reports cover 15 industries with international content. Topics run the gamut from raw materials to finished manufactured products and various consumer goods and services.

Nexis Uni

Formerly LexisNexis, Nexis Uni provides access to more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources, including decisions of the Federal courts and the appellate courts of all 50 states.


Directory of Open Access Books

A large collection of open access eBooks.

eBook Academic Collection

Collection of text from a wide range of academic disciplines.

eBook Collection

Collection of eBooks with a wide range of subjects.

Case Studies
Country Profiles

BBC Country Profiles

Find background information and current news on individual countries and regions. Site is provided by the BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Doing Business in Guides …..

Learn about market conditions, purchasing power, consumer trends, distribution channels, navigating entry constraints, best sectors, key contacts, and more from

Eldis: Country and Regional Profiles

Eldis provides both country profiles and regional profiles, subdivided by topic (agriculture, finance, governance, trade, etc.). Suitable for browsing or keyword searches.

IQS Directory forManufacturing, Business, and Engineering

Website presenting the OEM manufacturing marketplace in the U.S. and Canada in 180 industry categories with contact information for hundreds of manufacturers.

OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Browse by country to locate full country profiles for the 34 OECD member countries (or news for non-member countries). An OECD country profile is subdivided by: Find (most popular), Display all (by topic or date), Statistics, Books, and What’s New. While some publications require a subscription or online purchase, substantial material is freely available from this site.

WorldBank: Countries and Regions

Select the “Countries” tab to browse by region or choose a country. Available from this World Bank site are development reports, global economics and trade data, country and regional information, current research projects, and information on international development loans and activities.

World FactBook

Published by the U. S. Central Intelligence Agency, the World Factbook contains country profiles with economic, social, and political information, arranged by country or location. Included are maps and cultural information for international business.

Demographics and Statistics Government Indicators Database

Provides publicly available governance indicators by country or by region. It contains approximately 400 governance indicators grouped within five categories: Democratic system, market system, public management, rule of law, and socioeconomic indicators.

Foreign Government Web Sites

Comprehensive directory maintained at Northwestern University.


GlobalEdge is compiled and maintained by the International Business Center at Michigan State University.

ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research) 

Archive of digital analysis-ready social science data in multiple software formats including SPSS, SAS, and Stata. Summary statistics for online analysis datasets. Instructional materials for classroom-ready datasets. Searchable bibliographies of data-related literature.

International Documents Collection

Directory including the United Nations, European Union, and other IGO’s and their constituent agencies.

International Trade Administration

An abundance of information for U. S. exporters on trade and industry statistics, market data, and export and import data and procedures.


Data and metadata on labor statistics for over 200 countries or territories. Statistics are arranged by topic, country, or ILO publication. Country annual statistical data are available from 1999-2008, and include economically active population by industry and occupation, total employment by occupation, unemployment by economic activity, hours of work by economic activity, wages in manufacturing, and much more. Site is managed by the International Labour Office (ILO) Department of Statistics.


Statistics and other reports chiefly concerning the 30 member nations of the OECD.

OECD Stat Extracts

Easy access to data and metadata for OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and selected member countries. Uses four search methods: Keyword (with terms such as: Education, Finance, GDP, Health, Income, Prices, Population, or Trade), Theme, Country (via selection of key indicators in latest annual, Country Statistical Profiles), or access your saved queries under “Browse Queries.”


Major reports on economic development, global finances, and investments, with statistical data and key information about countries worldwide. From UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

UNData: A World of Information

United Nations statistical databases (33 in all, at last count) are accessible through a single entry point. These databases, tables and glossaries contain over 60 million data points and a wide range of themes, such as Agriculture, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Tourism, Trade, and Millennium Development Goals indicators.

U.S. International Trade Commission Dataweb

The ITC dataweb can be used to create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports about U.S. imports and exports extending back to 1989. The data can be parsed into very specific product categories based on 10-digit Harmonized Tariff classification. The dataweb assumes a lot of prior knowledge about trade data, so a novice should plan to spend an hour or two learning how to use it. Even so, in my opinion it is the best source available for customized U.S. import and export data.

World Bank Data and Statistics

Basic demographic, social, and economic data about countries around the world.

World Trade Organisation

Click the Resources link at the top right of the WTO homepage, and then click Trade Statistics in the drop down menu to find the International Trade Statistics yearbook extending back to 1998. subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, industry financial information and financial ratios, compensation and salary surveys, and business valuation resources.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports is a free service that provides access to recent corporate annual and 10-K reports.

International Business

CIA World Factbook

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people and society, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Country Risk Reports

Risk ratings compiled by the A.M. Best Company.

Directory of Foreign Government Websites

Compiled by Northwestern University Libraries.

Directory of Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) websites

Compiled by Northwestern University Libraries.

Doing Business

The World Bank sponsors this site which examines the business and regulatory environments of countries around the world.


The European Union’s primary portal for statistical information and reports.

Global Competitiveness Report

Compiled by the World Economic Forum.

Global Edge

Hosted by Michigan State University, the Global Edge site focuses on practical information to address questions about international business.

IMF eLibrary

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) eLibrary simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools.

International Trade Administration (ITA)/ U.S. Department of Commerce

Developed by international trade experts and economists, provides trusted market intelligence, practical advice and business tools to help U.S. companies expand in global markets.

International Trade Center

Data from as many as 220 countries. Analysis tools establish “indicators on export performance, international demand, alternative markets and the role of competitors.”

OECD Economic Outlook

OECD’s estimates for international economic performance.

OECD Economic Surveys and Country Surveillance

OECD’s assessment of current economic conditions in countries around the world.

The World Bank

The World Bank’s primary portal to information and statistics.

U.S. Bilateral Relations Factsheets

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

U.S. International Trade Commission

U.S. import and export statistics.

Worldwide Governance Indicators Project

Sponsored by the World Bank.

WTO Trade and Tariff Data

Compiled by the World Trade Organization.


The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) helps researchers retrieve data about industries from a number of surveys conducted by government agencies.  The numeric NAICS codes (up to 6-digits) serve as identifiers which make it easier to compile comparable data from multiple sources. Find NAICS and SIC codes or United Nations and Broad Economics Categories and data parsed by NAICS codes can be retrieved from these sources:

North American Industry Classification System

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis: quarterly gross domestic product (gdp) by industry, input-output accounts.

The U.S. International Trade Commission DataWeb

The U.S. International Trade Commission DataWeb: foreign trade statistics (imports and exports).

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: demographics, industries, occupations, geography, and business costs.



Off Campus Link

Research diverse perspectives, topics, and trends that align with curricular areas such as Political Science, English, Sociology, Humanities, Business, International Studies, and more.

New York Times

Create a login for free and read articles from the New York Times.


Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)

ARNOVA offers publications and research related to nonprofits and volunteerism.

Better Business Bureau for Charities and Donors

Another good site for researching the reputation of charities.


BoardSource is similar to the Free Management Library in that it offers support to nonprofit boards related to governance practices.

Charity Navigator

A good site for researching the reputations of various charities and to see who is ranked high (or low) among categories such as education, human and civil rights and arts, culture and the humanities.

Chronicle of Philanthropy National Center for Charitable Statistics

Another great resource for nonprofit research (including 990 forms). Lots of great top-level statistics, like how many tax-exempt organizations exist broken out by charities, private foundations and other nonprofit groups.

Free Management Library

The Free Management Library is a resource for nonprofits. It offers tips and toolkits related to various topics that are relevant to nonprofits, including Boards of Directors, Leadership Development, Mentoring, Decision Making, Growing Organizations and more.


Guidestar is the go-to resource for nonprofit research. The free version provides access to a nonprofit’s IRS Form 990 filings which can be great sources of information on a nonprofit and include revenue info as well as money spent on top outside consultants and top highest-paid executives.

Product Pricing

SBDCNet – Small Business Development Center Network

For startup costs, industry trends, market statistics, customer demographics, recent business articles on selected small businesses.

Starting a Small Business

Business Plans Handbook

Business Plans Handbook is a collection of business plans compiled by entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses throughout North America.

Encyclopedia of Small Business

This Encyclopedia defines and then details issues faced by small businesses, including accounting, competitive bids and outsourcing, among many other topics.

SCORE “Counselor to America’s Small Business”

A resource partner of the Small Business Association, SCORE offices are located throughout each state–SCORE can help your small business by answering tax questions, helping you find funding and a lot more.

Small Business Administration

In addition to business plan templates and information on financing and grants, there are also links to individual state sites and other useful sources.

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