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Midland welcomes a new level of competition with eSports

Home to Nebraska’s largest athletic department, Midland University will begin competing in its 28th varsity sport in the fall of 2016, adding what is poised to become one of the fastest growing collegiate team activities. Consisting of a variety of competitive online gaming platforms, eSports match up teams of competitors representing each institution in online competition. 

“At Midland, we endeavor to enable students to pursue their passions in community. The emerging generation of students is heavily invested in these pursuits, and it’s our desire to see them learning and competing in a collaborative community,” said Midland University President Jody Horner. “Whether they are participating in traditional athletics, the performing arts, or emerging eSports, we find that students who are highly engaged in extracurricular pursuits are more successful academically.”

Midland will become the region’s first university to elevate eSports to varsity level competition. With the support of interested donors, Midland University will be offering scholarship opportunities as it begins recruiting for the team’s debut season in the 2016-2017 academic year.  

About eSports

Midland will join a select group of universities offering varsity-level competition in "League of Legends." Learn more about eSports here.

Scholarships available

As a member of Midland's eSports team, you would be eligible for athletic scholarships. Find out all about Midland's generous scholarship packages here.

Collegiate Star League

The Collegiate Star League is home to more than 200 institutions with club level teams as well as the nation’s varsity level programs. Learn more about the league here.

Other opportunities to compete

Midland has the largest athletic department in Nebraska, competing in sports from football and basketball to women's lacrosse and shooting sports. See all the athletic opportunities here.

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