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Anthony Goetz Grows Strengths and Passions through Internship

Anthony Goetz Grows Strengths and Passions through Internship

Apr 24th , 2019

The most recent version of the Midland University Course Catalog describes the primary purpose and benefits of internships: “The primary purpose of an internship is to provide students an opportunity to apply and extend the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to a practical work experience. Secondary benefits include the opportunity to test one’s suitability to a vocational field, promote marketability, and establish contacts with prospective employers.”  When senior student-athlete Anthony Goetz began his undergraduate program at Midland University, he was a Human Performance - Exercise Science major and track scholarship recipient. Little did he know that over the course of his time at Midland, he would change his concentration to Sports Marketing and Management with a minor in Graphic Design, alter his career trajectory, and discover a career path that matches his strengths and passions through the awesome experiences he had as an intern.

The Midland University Human Performance program requires students to complete 3 internships, one each year, which build upon the student’s education and expertise, and move from observational in nature to applied, hands-on learning. During his junior year, Anthony was a Marketing Intern with the Blair Futball Club (Blair Soccer Assocation). In that capacity, he built confidence and helped to grow the organization through cold-calling prospects. He conducted research regarding semipro leagues, including a European marketing team, and consulted with their team regarding his findings about pros and cons of becoming a semipro league.

As Anthony was researching and applying for internships for his senior year, he learned of an opportunity with the Omaha Sports Commission. Mark Kostek, former Midland Track and Field coach, knew that they were looking for interns and he reached out to Midland to share the opportunity. In May of 2018, Anthony was hired as the intern in charge of planning and execution of the Capitol District Pole Vault event, which will be held on August 1, 2019. This event will host Olympic athletes, and is a world championship qualifying event for these athletes.

Anthony’s outstanding work ethic, organization, and passion for sports marketing led to him being offered an extended internship and more opportunities to learn and grow. Lindsay Toussant – Director of Events at Omaha Sports Commission and his internship supervisor, had this to say about Anthony, “Anthony has passion for this industry and really takes pride in his work. He has done an extended internship with us at the Omaha Sports Commission and the next intern has big shoes to fill. Anthony was the organization’s first intern and he set the bar high.” 

He was asked to be a Stage Director for Games Ceremonies and collaborated with another intern in planning and executing certain aspects of the Curling World Cup, hosted at the Ralston Arena from December 5-9, 2018. During the planning phase of this event, Anthony had opportunities to participate in weekly calls with USA Curling to all over the world, including Mexico, Sweden, and Japan, social media management and creation of engaging content, (for example, a post where users voted for the best country’s avatar), decorating and venue layouts, and mapping out sponsorship for logos on ice, scoreboard, and rink.

During the week of the event, Anthony found himself doing a 90-hour work week, and he stayed in Omaha because of all of the late night and early morning duties, including: management of event volunteers, arena preparation, game rehearsals, and coordinating all event ceremonies up to 4 rounds each day.

After his experience with a very successful Curling World Cup event, Anthony has now taken on the challenge of creating event graphics and sponsorship packets for Omaha Sports Commission Awards (OSCAS), which will be held on May 30, 2019. This event focuses on amateur athletes from colleges and high schools, and will be attended by professional boxer Terrance Crawford, who is a nominee for the “MECA Moment of the Year” award.

Anthony attributes his successes to several factors. First, the people who pushed him to grow and experience things outside of his comfort zone.  Anthony’s current Track & Field and Cross Country coach, Daniel Gerber, said, “I challenged Anthony both mentally and physically in his four years here at Midland. Through everything, he continued to push and challenge himself to be better. He even ran a couple of events that he never expected to be a part of for the benefit of the team. Anthony anchoring the 4x800 at our conference meet was probably one of my favorite races he competed in, even though it was probably his least favorite. With his passion, and everything that he has learned in sport, internships, and clinics, I am confident he will succeed in whatever he sets his mind to.” 

Secondly, Anthony learned the value of saying, “Yes” to challenges and opportunities, and of stretching himself to grow as a young professional. Not only was he an outstanding performer in the classroom and on the track field, but he has also been a key contributor to the Midland community and to the enhancement of the Human Performance degree program. He has been a member of the Track and Field team, he started the Dodgeball Club on campus, he is the co-creator of the Human Performance Leadership Council, and he is a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council.

Third, changing his concentration to Sports Marketing and Management, and adding a Graphics Design minor has been extremely valuable. Anthony feels that this combination of education really sets him apart from others in terms of marketable skills and knowledge.

And last, but definitely not least, applying his education and skills through internships. Anthony indicated that his internship classes were most beneficial to him, because, “There are some things you just cannot do in the classroom. You have to get out to experience and actually do.” His advice to college freshmen? “Internships are so beneficial. You really don’t know what you want to do until you get out there. Take a chance. It might just unleash a passion of yours.”

Mark Snow, Dean of the College of Human Performance at Midland, has been Anthony’s mentor, advising him on how to take things to the next level. He and the faculty of the College of Human Performance named Anthony the 2019 Human Performance Student of the Year at Midland’s annual student excellence awards celebration. When presenting this award, Mark said, “Anthony has been very active while at Midland, participating in multiple organizations on campus.  A great example of this was his willingness to help create and lead the Human Performance Leadership Council. He has completed multiple internships and has brought back information learned within those internships to Midland to share with his faculty and students. Anthony has also been recognized on the Dean’s List for high academic performance in the classroom. He has done all of this as well as participating within the track and field program. Anthony is a true example of a transformational leader who leads by example.”

Recently, the Omaha Sports Commission sponsored Anthony’s attendance at the Team USA Symposium career fair event at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Anthony had proactively researched and found this event on At this event, he had the opportunity to network, learn about careers in his areas of interest, and solidify his passion for marketing sports events and working with athletes. He will be moving back to Colorado Springs after completion of his internship and the Capitol District Pole Vault event he is managing this summer. He is currently interviewing with Team USA Wrestling, strategically working his way toward his dream career to run national events for Team USA.

With his talent to network and win people over, his passion, hard work and dedication, and his attitude about doing all things with excellence, Anthony is set to reach his goals and beyond. “There’s no point of doing something if you’re not going to make the best it can be. After an event, I want people to ask when the next is happening because it went so well!”