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Teacher Career Ladder Program

Midland University has developed a program to meet the needs of local school districts to create qualified teachers who can make an impact in their classrooms. The two-year Teacher Career Ladder program aims to prepare anyone interested in teaching in a classroom with the ability to earn a teaching degree. Students will earn a field endorsement in Elementary Education K-6 and either a supplemental endorsement in Early Childhood Education, English as a Second Language, or Special Education.

Built in partnership with the largest school district in Nebraska, Omaha Public Schools, the program helps foster diversity of teachers in the classroom. 

Program Hallmarks

Integrated Content

Candidates need to experience teaching and learning in the same ways in which we want them to teach.  Effective teaching requires integration of pedagogy, content standards, classroom management, and assessment among others.  In this program, candidates will complete Nebraska INTASC course standards within integrated blocks making connections between topics, experiences as paras in the classrooms, and their own experiences in school. 

This innovative approach to education has candidates learning in two blocks of courses, including a Core Block and a Methods Block, to create opportunities for candidates to weave all of these experiences together. These year-long blocks will allow collaboration over a significant period of time between candidates, professors, and classroom teachers to provide authentic teaching and learning experiences.  This allows candidates to learn more efficiently and quicker than a traditional learning model. 

Designed for Working Professionals

Candidates will pursue a full-time course load by attending just two in person evening classes per week at the Midland Omaha location. In-person class meetings are held from 4:45 pm to 9 pm.  Students and faculty will choose the specific days of the week the class meets at the beginning of each block enabling candidates to continue to work full-time throughout their coursework.  For example, classes may be held on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursdays depending upon what the cohort decides. An on-line component will allow faculty and candidates to learn and stay connected when they are not meeting. 

All candidates are required to complete student teaching in their final spring semester, which is a full-time day time commitment and won't be conducive to a full-time job for that semester. 

Individualized Instructional Coaching

Candidates will be coached by Midland faculty in the classrooms where they work.  This will allow Midland faculty to give feedback immediately and provide opportunities for candidates to reflect on classroom happenings in real time.  

Performance-based Assessments

Candidates will be assessed on their performance of planning, thinking and reflection on case studies and actual teaching.  There will be many opportunities for candidates to be coached and their ability to do so will be assessed as well.

Program Cost

The cost per credit hour for this program is $676. Midland does provide transfer scholarship funds to accepted students in the amount of $14,000 for each year in the program, for a total of $28,000, and federal loans may be available for the remainder of the cost. 

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For additional information, contact the Center for Graduate & Professional Studies at (402) 941-6226 or

This program was built in partnership with OPS Schools. 

Any OPS teacher interested in this program should reach out to Latasha Muhammad at the TAC Building before completing an application.