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Students Inducted into Cardinal Key National Honor Society


An elite group of nearly 20 Midland University students were inducted into the Cardinal Key National Honor Society recently. In order to qualify for the prestigious club, a student must have a scholastic average of 3.5 or above. They must also be leaders displaying high integrity, character, and prominence. Students inducted were Megan Chebuhar,Allison Depko, Emily Essen, Sarah Greder, Ashlee Harms, Sarah Hill, Montana Hinrichs, Amanda Larsen, Rachel Ohlman, Jeana Rezac, Kjerstin Richards, Jennifer Rosales, Kaitlin Scholl, Angela Senff, Kinsley Shoup, and Kelcy Sorensen.

“Each student joins special ranks with this honor,” said Midland President Ben Sasse. “This accomplishment is evidence of hard work, strong leadership, and outstanding character.”

Cardinal Key National Honor Society is an organization for students of at least junior status in American colleges and universities who are leaders in the college community and who are deemed potential leaders in the future. The society aims to honor current students, inspire leadership in others, and utilize leadership capabilities in an active program of service to school, community, and country.

Among those inducted, four students also found themselves elected into the academic office: Allison Depko was named President; Kelsy Sorensen became Vice-President; Jeana Rezac was elected Secretary; and Jennifer Rosales was named Historian.

This elite group stands out among a historic student body at Midland. The 16 inductees and four officers are distinguished from the largest student population in the university’s history. In a period of record growth throughout the last four years, the institution’s campus body has more than doubled to reach nearly 1,300 students.

Recipients also stand out in an increasingly active community. Since 2009 the university has added 11 varsity sports to build the state’s largest athletic department and has increased the arts department nearly tenfold. As a result, students who learn and live within the residential community take part in 27 varsity sports and participate in more than 250 opportunities in the performing arts.

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