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Student Success Center

Student Success Center

Midland's Student Success Center for the 4-year Graduation Guarantee is home to a team of professional advisors who actively engage students, monitor progress, and instill habits that lead to success. All students on campus will be benefiting from the Life Coach training that advisors have completed. Life Coach training will assist advisors in not only supporting academic goals for students, but also in our ability to provide assistance and support for the students outside of the academic framework.

First-year students will have an assigned first-year advisor and will help the student to connect with Midland right away. Students will have someone, who is an expert on who they are as a person, walking along with them every step of the way during their transition to college. They will have more individual meetings with their advisor to build that one-on-one relationship and really get to know each other.

Upperclassman will be paired with a program advisor who is an expert in their field of study and help the student connect with the faculty and staff in their academic program. The student will have a stronger development of who they are as a person, what type of leader they want to be, and be career ready by graduation with more support and connections to the resources across campus.

Students can expect to have a one-stop shop for your class information and schedules, financial aid questions, dropping or adding classes, and someone to cheer you on through each milestone while at Midland.

Connect with an Advisor

Rachel Wachter - Director of Student Success

Office: 402-941-6024  Email:

Harmony - Responsibility - Discipline - Consistency - Developer

Midland is a family. In working with the students, we help them celebrate the good times and we are here to support them in the tough times, and that’s what family does. I enjoy seeing students grow and learn from their experiences.

"Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”- John Wooden

Keith Kramme - Student Success Advisor - Director of Athletic Student Achievement

Office: 402-941-6059  Email:

Adaptability - Harmony - Consistency - Responsibility - Relator

I welcome the opportunity to mentor our students and to partner with them on their path to academic success.

Binge watching NCIS or CSI:Miami makes for some very good viewing!

Taylor Tucker - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-720-1126  Email:

Positivity - Context - Harmony - Responsibility - Includer

You will find a strong community of support at Midland. As a first year advisor, I work closely with first year students to assist them through the transition of college courses.

Paul Blackburn - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-719-9545  Email:

Competition - Consistency - Harmony - Adaptability - Empathy

As a program advisor for the Luther College of Arts & Science and the Dunklau School of Business, driving students to achieve their career goals is my passion. The road to achievement is filled with adversity but with the everlasting support here at Midland, success is always attainable!

Melissa Kinsella – Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6492    Email:

Input - Learner - Achiever - Responsibility - Intellection  

I am a program advisor for Elementary Education majors, and Human Performance majors with concentrations in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Strength and Conditioning. I look forward to supporting students throughout their time at Midland as they discover their passion and purpose. 

Liah Burke - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6378 Email:

Input-Achiever-Positivity-Strategic- Woo

My passion for higher education is fueled by my desire to advocate for students and support them on their path to becoming lifelong learners. As a first year advisor; it is my goal to support every student both personally and academically as they navigate their transition to college life.

“You will only fail to learn if you do not learn from failing. You have to do something. If you do something, you become somebody. Even a daffodil does something, has a profession. It gives off scent, professionally.”  -Stella Adler

Chunyang Wang - Student Success Advisor

Phone: 402-657-5831 Email:

Strategic - Futuristic - Competition - Significance - Focus

I am a program advisor for the Dunklau School of Business as well as Sports Marketing and Management in the School of Human Performance. I look forward to helping students navigate their career paths and providing positive reinforcement during their time at Midland.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” - John Muir

Midland's 4-Year Graduation Guarantee

Despite the strength of many institutions of higher learning, today’s American college experience is not nearly student-centric enough. One of the most telling indicators is that many colleges have all but given up reporting graduation rates on a four-year basis, in favor of a six-year rate.

In an age of innovation, rather than doing the hard work to better sequence courses, colleges have expanded course requirements and made it more difficult for students to complete their degrees on-time. Public or private, big school or small; all colleges share some responsibility in creating a culture that has delayed graduation and entry into the workforce for a generation of students.

Higher education hasn't done enough to help students complete their degrees in four years or less. Creating an environment focused on student success means that we must do better.

We aren’t satisfied with our performance. And so we are raising the bar. The Four-Year Guarantee reflects our promise to dramatically improve Midland’s degree completion rate.