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Student Success Center

Student Success Center

Midland’s Student Success Center for the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee is home to a team of professional advisors who actively engage students, monitor progress and instill habits that lead to success. Each student is assigned professional graduation advisors and faculty mentors throughout their entire academic career at Midland.

What should students expect after their first graduation advisor meeting?

Expect to have a one-stop shop for your class information and schedules, financial aid questions, dropping or adding classes, and someone to cheer you on through each academic milestone.

Meet our basic requirements and if you don’t graduate in four years, Midland will pay your tuition and fees until you do.  For more information on our 4 Year Graduation Guarantee, click here.

It’s simple, and we will help you get there and get on with your life.

Choose a career path from one of the 40 academic programs we offer, and we'll equip you to succeed. Our unique advising program ensures you have a partner dedicated to keep you on track toward graduation as well as connect you with Omaha's best employers.

Connect with an advisor

Lori Ethier - Director of Student Success

Office : 402-941-6481  Email:

Lori Ethier is the Director of Student Success and an Advisor at Midland University. Lori has the opportunity to teach an Achieving Academic Success class and work with many other projects that support student engagement and success at Midland. Her favorite thing about working in the Student Success Center is being able to support each student as they work toward their own definition of success. Lori doesn’t have one specific memory at Midland that is her favorite because she has so many warm memories as a Warrior. She created memories on campus both as a student athlete and now as a staff member. One thing that has not changed over time, however, is the feeling of school spirit at home athletic events and Arts performances. Go Warriors!

Leaha Hammer LMHP - Student Success Advisor - Director of Student Counseling

Office: 402-941-6027  Email:

As a Student Success Advisor, Leaha Hammer advises student athletes in Men’s and Women’s Wrestling, Powerlifting and Volleyball.  As Director of Student Counseling, she provides mental health counseling services to all Midland students. Her favorite thing about working at Midland as an advisor and counselor is the opportunity to support students through their academic and emotional growth. The SSC is a unique department that tailors the advising experience to each individual student’s needs. Leaha thinks it is invigorating to work with a dynamic group of people, with various backgrounds, that come together for the common goal of supporting our student body. Her most cherished Midland memories are at the time of Graduation - seeing friends, family, faculty and staff come together to support and acknowledge the many achievements of our students.  

Keith Kramme - Student Success Advisor - Director of Athletic Retention and Compliance

Office: 402-941-6059  Email:

Keith Kramme is entering his 25th year at Midland University! As a Student Success Advisor, Keith works with student athletes that participate in Football and Men’s and Women’s Tennis. Keith is also the Director of Athletic Compliance, Chair for the Warrior Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee and an instructor for College to Career Foundations. One of Keith’s favorite things about being a Student Success Advisor is that it’s never the same day two days in a row. He enjoys that he has been able to develop strong relationships throughout his journey as a student, and now staff member, at Midland. 

Dr. Janet Lack - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6405  Email:

Dr. Janet Lack has been working at Midland University for more than 30 years. Dr. Lack advises student athletes that participate in Men’s and Women’s Hockey, Bowling, and eSports. She also works with Bridge students, teaching a section of Achieving Academic Success. Dr. Lack’s favorite thing about being a Student Success Advisor is watching a student grow, mature and graduate. She enjoys having great connections with her students. Every fall, Dr. Lack is excited to welcome students back to campus and every spring, it’s a proud moment when she can witness Commencement. 

Jamie Meints - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6489 Email: 

Student Success Advisor Jamie Meints advises Nursing Majors and students that participate in Men’s Basketball, Cheer and Dance. Jamie is also an instructor for College to Career Foundations, where she gets to work with Freshmen majoring in Nursing. One of her favorite things about being a Student Success Advisor is getting to build relationships with students. As a former student at Midland University, Jamie has many great memories of participating in student activities and serving the campus in various roles. However, her most cherished memory is the night her husband asked her in front of Men’s Memorial Hall to go on a date.

Jennie Sayker - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6330  Email:

Jennie Sayker is a Student Success Advisor at Midland University, advising Education Majors and student athletes that participate in Cross Country, Track and Field, and Women’s Lacrosse. Jennie stays busy by being an assistant leader for MidlandCatholic and teaching a section of College to Career Foundations for Education students. Her favorite thing about being a Student Success Advisor is getting to work with a variety of students. She thoroughly enjoys teaming up with her students to help them achieve their goals. Multiple cherished memories at Midland come to mind for Jennie, but her favorite memory at Midland University was participating on the Softball team while she was a student. She was able to build lifelong friendships and play the game she loves. 

Tiffany Sellentin - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6378  Email:

As a Student Success Advisor, Tiffany Sellentin works with students in the Performing Arts, Women’s Basketball, and Baseball. Tiffany finds enjoyment in teaching a section of College to Career Foundations. She loves the fun and trusted relationships that she gets to make with her students, as well as being able to see them succeed in the classroom and on the field/stage. Tiffany’s most cherished Midland memory so far was when some of the baseball players returned to school this fall and came to see her with big smiles and hugs! 

Rachel Wachter - Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6024  Email:

Student Success Advisor, Rachel Wachter, has the opportunity to advise Education Majors and student athletes that participate in Softball and Men’s and Women’s Golf. As an instructor for College to Career Foundations, Rachel is able to work closely with Education students. Her favorite thing about being a Student Success Advisor is that she has the privilege to get to know so many wonderful students and faculty/staff members. Rachel finds it rewarding when she is able to see students get involved and succeed at Midland University. As a former student athlete herself, Rachel was able to make some of the most wonderful friends as she took part in a sports team and sorority. Now, she gets to see students that she advises make new friends and become a large part of each other's lives. 

Midland's 4-Year Graduation Guarantee

Despite the strength of many institutions of higher learning, today’s American college experience is not nearly student-centric enough. One of the most telling indicators is that many colleges have all but given up reporting graduation rates on a four-year basis, in favor of a six-year rate.

In an age of innovation, rather than doing the hard work to better sequence courses, colleges have expanded course requirements and made it more difficult for students to complete their degrees on-time. Public or private, big school or small; all colleges share some responsibility in creating a culture that has delayed graduation and entry into the workforce for a generation of students.

Higher education hasn't done enough to help students complete their degrees in four years or less. Creating an environment focused on student success means that we must do better.

We aren’t satisfied with our performance. And so we are raising the bar. The Four-Year Guarantee reflects our promise to dramatically improve Midland’s degree completion rate.

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