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Student Accommodations Office

Requesting Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations

The Student Accommodations Specialist works directly with students who have a documented disability and are seeking accommodations. Possible accommodations include: extended time on quizzes and exams, a reduced distraction or alternate quiz/exam location, quiz/exam read aloud, breaks during quiz/exam, and preferential seating in the classroom. All accommodations are individualized to meet the student’s needs. To expedite the accommodation request process, please bring your disability documentation with you to Midland. 

How to request accommodations: 

  1. Self-identify as a person with a disability seeking accommodations by contacting the Student Accommodations Specialist in person, by email, or by phone. 
  2. Meet with the Student Accommodations Specialist and complete a “Request for Services” form. 
  3. Provide the Student Accommodations Specialist with documentation of disability (i.e., results of most recent psycho-educational evaluation – IEP, 504, MDT, etc.), current medical records from a licensed/certified professional agency (testing or medical; non-relative), or statement of accommodations in the current setting. Documents must be dated within the last four years

Or in the case of a suspected disability, without current documentation, the student is referred for an evaluation at their personal expense, and the written results of the assessment are sent to the Student Accommodations Office. 

  1. Review current documentation with the Student Accommodations Specialist to determine the need and types of reasonable accommodations. 
  2. If accommodations are appropriate, complete an “Authorization to Release Information to Other Parties” form to designate individuals with whom the Student Accommodations Specialist may discuss the student’s accommodations (i.e., Admissions Office, instructors, advisors, deans, Residence Life staff, etc.). 
  3. Once the “Authorization to Release Information” form has been signed, “Letters of Accommodations” are sent to the selected persons notifying them of the agreed-upon accommodations. 
  4. Students then meet individually with the instructor(s) or other University staff to discuss the accommodations and the responsibilities of the parties involved. 

To start the accommodations request process, contact the Student Accommodations Specialist, at

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