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Appeal Process

Appeal Process

If a student believes they are being excluded from participation or denied the benefits of the education process based on the student’s disability and required appropriate and reasonable accommodation has not been provided, the student may appeal to a broader body. 

If the outlined procedure for requesting accommodations was processed in accordance with the Midland University Student Accommodations Office guidelines, and if the accommodation, or lack thereof, is perceived by the student with disabilities as not satisfactory, the following recourse is available: 

  1. The student informs the Student Accommodations Specialist about the problem, seeking consultation and advocacy. 
  2. The student discusses the lack of accommodation with the person(s) perceived as the source of the problem and seeks resolution. 
  3. If no resolution is agreed to, the student is to forward their appeal request to the Student Accommodations Specialist. The designated staff will serve as an advocate for the student. 

The request for an appeal will be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and reviewed by a senior leadership ad hoc committee. The student and the Student Accommodations Specialist will be provided an opportunity to present the request to the senior leadership ad hoc committee. The decision of the committee is final. 

To address questions regarding issues with accommodations, contact the Student Accommodations Specialist, at

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