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COVID-19 Student FAQs

COVID-19 Student FAQs

January 27, 2021

If I have already received the fully administered two-dose COVID-19 vaccine, will I still be required to quarantine if I am exposed to the virus while on campus? 

While it is possible to contract COVID-19 after receiving the fully administered two-dose vaccine, the chance is very low. Any student who has received the full vaccine would not be required to quarantine, but we would suggest they test five days post-exposure and pay attention to potential symptoms to ensure they have not contracted the virus. Testing is recommended but not required. 

Will there be mandatory COVID-19 testing for students? 

No. When in-person second-semester classes begin on January 28th, students will either have to provide a negative COVID-19 test, participate in our free testing on campus or voluntarily quarantine for seven days before attending in-person classes. 

Once vaccines are available in the Fremont/Midland community, will Midland be offering an opportunity to receive the vaccine on campus? Will the vaccine be free?

We are awaiting word from our local public health department on whether we will be able to offer the vaccine on campus or not. If so, it is our understanding that the vaccine will be offered for free. Institutions of higher education are classified under Phase 1C of the vaccine rollout. If not, then vaccines will be available through Methodist Fremont Health, which is less than a mile away from the Fremont campus. 

Are there any protocols that were in place for the fall semester that would be altered/eliminated for the spring semester?

At this time, the only significant change in our campus protocol pertains to the newly updated CDC Guidelines regarding reducing time in quarantine. These guidelines can be found at this link.

If I have already tested positive for COVID-19, will I still be required to go into quarantine if I have been exposed? 

We are currently allowing students who have tested positive in the past 90 days to forego quarantine if the student can provide email evidence of the positive test and the student is symptom-free.

Will I be required to quarantine when I return to campus if I am an international student or have traveled outside of the United States?

The CDC currently recommends but does not mandate a seven-day quarantine period for international travelers entering the United States. Prior to arrival, please make arrangements to test on campus by emailing

What are plans for graduation? 

As of now, our plan remains to host an in-person undergraduate commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 8th. We also realize this is a very fluid situation, and plans can change, so we will be ready to pivot to alternative solutions if necessary. State restrictions and capacity limitations will be observed.

Will we have spring break? 

There will not be a spring break this semester. Due to not having a traditional spring break, the semester will end a week earlier than usual, with final exams week set for May 10-13. Classes will not be held on Friday, April 2nd, and Monday, April 5th as part of Easter break.

Will final exams be held online like they were in the fall? 

Our plan at this time is for final exams to be held in person. We will continue to monitor this situation throughout the semester and alert students as soon as possible if we need to shift online for final exams.

We understand this is a challenging time for our students. We will continue to contact and keep you informed of any changes or updates to the situation. For any questions, email

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