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Serenity Durham Goree

“It is absolutely okay to make mistakes because that is how we all continue to learn and grow.” It’s advice that Serenity Durham Goree stresses to the people around her. Messing up and making those mistakes are a part of life. However, it is how we choose to use them that determines who we become after.

A sophomore nursing major, Serenity admits that as a freshman, she was letting the wrong things in her life take priority over what really mattered to her as both an individual and a student.

“During my career at Midland, I have definitely faced many obstacles. As a freshman, I prioritized a lot of the wrong things, and I let a lot of outside factors affect not only my mental health but also my academics.”

Though she has faced these obstacles, she has recognized that they can become a learning opportunity. Through her participation in wrestling and the Black Student Union, Serenity has realized what should take priority in her life, and she is now letting that drive guide her career at Midland.

“I am most proud of helping Black Student Union thrive into what it is today. I am also proud of how well I have been able to balance my sport, extracurricular activities, and my nursing classes — and I have been able to excel in each of them.”

Getting from where she was as a freshman to where she is at now, Serenity credits embracing the Warrior mentality. She encourages freshmen to take time to prioritize what is important to them, especially after mistakes. To her, being a Warrior means taking action when it comes to overcoming obstacles you face.

“Being a Warrior means fighting through all obstacles that are thrown at me and getting through all the adversity. Being a Warrior means abiding by the rules of FAITH (Family, Academics, Integrity, Thankfulness, and Hope). Being a Warrior means setting your mind on something and getting it done!”

Serenity came to Midland for the atmosphere and resources that are here for her. She sees Midland as a place where she can make those mistakes and find the support needed to overcome and learn from them. In many ways, Midland has become the start of her journey. 

“I honestly believe that my life story mostly begins when I came to Midland because that is when I found myself. I am now on the path of becoming the absolute best version of myself that I can possibly be while inspiring those around me to do the same.”

Serenity Durham Goree is a sophomore nursing major from Las Vegas, NV. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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