Midland University - Fremont, Ne

School of Nursing

School of Nursing

Midland University’s School of Nursing is well regarded by students, alumni, and employers. Our nursing program at Midland University was started in 1974 following the announced closing of the Immanuel School of Nursing. At that time, students could complete a year of prerequisite coursework before enrolling in nursing courses. In 1978, the first group of nursing students graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. 

Immanuel School of Nursing graduates are a valued part of the Midland University School of Nursing Alumni with strong roots in the community. Midland’s nursing program continues the Immanuel School of Nursing Lutheran tradition of educating nurses with a holistic, faith-based approach to caring for others.  


Our mission is to develop and prepare graduates with the most relentlessly relevant knowledge to enter and lead in the nursing profession with purpose. Students are equipped with critical thinking, clinical judgement, and hands-on competencies that support their passion to be superior healthcare providers. 

Our Faculty

Faculty in the Midland University School of Nursing come to us with a love for nursing and teaching. They build upon a wealth of experiences to engage students learning with the skills they need to be a successful nurse in healthcare today. Our faculty acknowledge students’ needs and help them balance academics along with work, home life, and/or athletics as they pursue their Bachelor’s degree. 

Midland University's nursing faculty listen and seek to understand what our students need regardless of their program option. Our faculty are extremely knowledgeable about the content areas they teach, have excellent teaching experience, and have a love for teaching and nursing. Their passion for nursing is contagious and easily engages students in class and clinical experiences whether online, or face-to-face. 

Benefits of Our Program

Students in our program benefit from a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). Obtaining the highest degree for an entry level position in the healthcare workplace sets the stage for a rewarding nursing career. Our students are well prepared to begin their first nursing position, advance their nursing knowledge, or enter graduate programs in nursing. With a BSN from Midland University students will have the credentials they need to continue their education at the Master’s and Doctoral level. 

Our Program Options

Midland’s School of Nursing offers three program options to obtain a BSN. The nursing program provides an excellent education for all students interested in beginning or advancing their career in nursing.