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Q&A with Fresh Ideas Director of Marketing Sarah Carnes

Q&A with Fresh Ideas Director of Marketing Sarah Carnes

Sep 11th , 2018

Get ready, Warriors. By now you’ve seen the brand new dining and common spaces, as well as exciting new features on your Fresh Ideas, Fresh X application. All of which is sure to have you filled with Warrior spirit as you reunite with friends, faculty, and facilities on campus.

Last year, Fresh Ideas offered students an entirely new dining hall experience through the use of mobile devices by way of their Fresh X app, which allows users to enter the hall by facial recognition software. Users can also access data in real-time remotely to check their funds or see what food is on the menu that day.

We sat down with Fresh Ideas Director of Marketing Sarah Carnes to learn the newest features of our favorite app for foodies on campus.

Q: What was the primary focus when designing the Fresh X app for customers?

A: “What’s good for you, is good for us. We wanted to be more than just a dining hall, we wanted to offer a personalized approach to the campus food experience.”

Q: What is unique about the Fresh X app?

A: “We own and maintain the product internally. Which makes updates and product upgrades easier for us to manage. It also allows us to push things out to our users more streamlined and efficient.”

Q: What can you tell us about Midland users since the Fresh X app was first rolled out to our campus?

A: “You are our power users! Midland University represents the highest customer app usage, with 12 or more individual app uses a week.”

Q: What are some of the new features Midland users can look forward to this year as part of their Fresh Ideas, Fresh X experience?

A: “We are working on several exciting new upgrades to the Fresh X app. Real-time data is important to us. We love that our users can monitor their accounts to see financial information and menu options before even entering the hall. This year, we are working to add nutritional data optionality, because so many of our users care to know where their food comes from and what nutrients they are consuming. We are also working on a new rewards program, where users can earn points for their app usage. At Fresh Ideas, we dream big and evolve to exceed expectations. Another positive feature we’re looking into is creating an ambassador program this fall, where students can sign up and showcase their Fresh X app experiences to get rewarded with cool prizes, gear and Warrior bucks!”

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