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Coming from a small-town background, the concept of family is something that continues to impact junior Piper Rasmussen. Being part of a family means finding the support system that will allow you to best succeed and allow you to pursue opportunities. This is one of the many reasons why Midland stood out to Piper.

“My family is all around the Cedar Bluffs area, so that has been a big part of my home and my heart. I came to Midland for the same reasons. It has that same small-town atmosphere and has many opportunities. That’s why I love Midland, because I have my Midland family here that I will have for the rest of my life like my family back at home.”

Not only was she a third-generation student at Cedar Bluffs, but she has also had many family members attend and graduate from Midland. Initially, Piper felt Midland was too close to home. But soon after visiting, she found that the campus had the same small-town, family-oriented values that she grew up with. That, along with Midland’s business program, was a motivating factor in her coming to Midland as she seeks to follow in her family’s business path post-graduation.

“My family owns some small businesses in Fremont, one being an auction real estate and land brokerage company, so growing up in the business atmosphere was something that I knew I would thrive in for my own career.”

Piper continues to credit her small-town roots as a key part of who she is as an individual and student. How her community and family have shaped her values and work ethic has greatly impacted the type of person and student she is. She particularly credits her grandparents as key figures while she was growing up.

“My grandparents were the people that knew everybody. They pushed you to be purposeful in everything you did. I wouldn’t be in college without them. My grandparents were the kind of people that didn’t have anything when they got married but put in the work to make their mark wherever they were. They made sure that we always had opportunities, and that is something that I have always carried with me in my heart.”

Piper strives to apply her working mentality to everything she commits to on campus. From leadership roles in Greek life and student organizations to being in class as a student, Piper wants to make sure she approaches any commitment with passion.

“My small-town roots have pushed me to take opportunities as they are given to me and do everything with purpose. I was raised that way, and my family approaches their business in Fremont with that same purpose.”

Being at Midland has grown Piper’s desire to give everything her all. She appreciates what having the Warrior spirit means to her and how students can embody that same spirit. After graduation, Piper hopes to continue with that Warrior mentality that began in her small-town upbringing.

“Being a Warrior is about having grit and integrity. I think having those qualities takes a lot in our ever-changing society, especially when you are a student who has gone through COVID. Midland really pushes students to be Warriors and have that spirit of caring about people around you, doing everything wholeheartedly with integrity, doing things ethically, and making sure you are leaving a positive mark every place you go.”

Piper Rasmussen is a junior accounting major from Cedar Bluffs, NE. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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