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An open letter to Grace University students

An open letter to Grace University students

Oct 7th , 2017

Grace University Family,

The entire community of Midland University was saddened upon hearing the announcement today that Grace University will halt academic operations at the end of this academic year. As a faith-based institution, Grace has proudly instilled the value of strengthening one’s faith while helping create leaders for the future. As an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Midland University shares this value with you and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of transition.

To assist in the challenging decisions members of the Grace University family will have to make in the coming months, Midland University, under the leadership of President Jody Horner, will extend a helping hand to undergraduate Grace students and their families so they can seamlessly complete their education.

Below we have outlined a streamlined plan to help current Grace students:

1. Midland University will accept all current Grace students upon submission of an application.

2. Midland University will ensure all Grace credits are transferred.

3. Midland University will honor all academic, athletic, and needs-based scholarships so that no student pays more to attend Midland University than they were paying to attend Grace.

4. Midland University will offer all Grace students who transfer, free room and board for their first semester.

To begin the process, please visit Once your completed application for transfer has been received and processed by the Midland University Admissions Office, Midland will contact you to set up a visit to review your transcripts and financial aid, and connect you with our Student Success Center to begin the registration process. All student questions may be directed to our Admissions Transfer Counselor, Melissa Griffin, at

Additionally, Midland University would like to invite all interested Faculty and Staff to submit their résumés for review. All submissions will be responded to promptly and may be directed to Jess Knoell in the Office of the President at