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Midland Welcomes New Students

Midland Welcomes New Students

Aug 31st , 2011

Dr. Ben Sasse, Midland University President, and members of the Midland faculty and staff today welcomed new students to campus during an opening convocation.

“As we begin a new academic year, it’s important to focus on the central purpose that has brought us all here,” Dr. Sasse said. “The learning process is an intentional act. It cannot be done passively. It requires that we be present. It requires that we be attentive and engaged. We seek to create an opportunity for every student – for every one of you – to experience four years of academic, personal and spiritual growth here at Midland. And today we take our first step in that journey together.

“A sense of connection is what makes this university a vibrant part of the larger community, and Midland University is committed to the long-term growth and vitality of this community. Our institution is healthier and stronger because of the students here today, and we commit ourselves to you and to helping you become the leaders you aspire to be.”

Also addressing incoming students were Dr. Steve Bullock, Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and CJ Anderson, a senior from Papillion, who serves as Midland Student Senate president.

Dr. Bullock said, “You made a conscious and well thought-out decision on where to begin the next chapter of your lives, and now you are all warriors. I encourage you to bring honor to yourselves, your family, and Midland University. You are part of something special, something bigger than you as individuals and this institution will be part of your legacy when you leave.”

Following convocation, students took part in a medallion toss, a tradition in place at Midland for more than a decade. Surrounded by faculty, students gather at the fountain located at the heart of the Midland campus, known as the Cross at the Center, and are asked to make a wish to be fulfilled during their time at Midland before tossing their medallion into the fountain.

Medallions are later returned to students on their graduation day to be worn as part of their commencement regalia and serve as a reminder of their growth and accomplishments while at Midland University.