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Midland University Partnership Acquires Control of Dana College Campus

Midland University Partnership Acquires Control of Dana College Campus

Jul 18th , 2013

Midland University, in partnership with Krejci Development LLC, completed its acquisition of the former Dana College campus today. Just over three years since the closure of Dana College, Blair is on track to become home to the newest campus of Nebraska’s fastest growing college.

“This is a great day for Midland University but also for the Blair area and the entire Dana alumni community,” said Midland President Ben Sasse. “This campus has always been recognized as an extraordinary place that fostered community and shaped lives. It’s a natural fit as we grow to serve more students.”

As Nebraska’s fastest growing college over the past three years, Midland University is committed to maintaining an intimate residential experience where students live, learn, and compete within a tight knit community. With enrollment that has nearly doubled since 2009, Midland officials have been seeking innovative ways to bring the intimate Midland experience to more students.

Rapid growth has propelled Midland to become Nebraska’s fastest growing athletic department. In addition to 27 varsity sports, the school has dramatically expanded performing arts programs and other opportunities for student engagement. Such growth has pushed Midland’s existing campus nearly to capacity.

Dana College offers Midland officials much needed campus housing within a beautiful setting and supported by a thick alumni community.

With the campus now secured, Midland is preparing to launch a capital campaign to raise the $11 million in deferred maintenance and startup costs associated with restoring the Dana campus. Successful completion of the campaign along with approval from Midland's accrediting commission will be required to meet the goal of returning students to the Blair campus as soon as August 2015 or 2016.

“The response from Dana alums and the people of Blair has been truly overwhelming,” said Sasse. “We are confident the commitment exists to build on the Dana foundation and make Blair a college town once again.”

Due to the high level of interest that has been expressed in the project, Midland has launched a web page to share information and give interested parties the opportunity to become involved. Midland is encouraging anyone with interest in the project to get involved, visit, and register to become part of this effort.

Midland officials marked the completion of the acquisition with a ceremonial transfer of keys to the Dana campus on Friday morning and expect more details about the future of the campus and the coming development campaign to be shared soon.