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Midland University to launch Code Academy in Omaha

Midland University to launch Code Academy in Omaha

Jun 26th , 2017

Midland University will launch Midland University Code Academy this fall, a first-in-the-region program designed to prepare students for in-demand tech jobs. Led by faculty and mentors who are web development professionals, classes will be held at the university’s Omaha location.

“There is a huge demand in Omaha for people with coding skills, but those jobs are being left unfilled,” said Micah Yost, lead faculty for Midland University Code Academy. “The Code Academy is designed specifically for people with no previous background in web development. Our goal is to provide the needed tools for a student to be career-ready as a front-end developer.”

No other college in the region offers this type of code education. Midland University Code Academy is designed by industry professionals with an eye on meeting the demands of Omaha-area companies.

Those attending the Code Academy will develop skills that will allow them to build custom websites, code web applications, create custom emails, build web-based games, code mobile web applications, and customize online user experiences. Classes are held three nights per week at the Omaha center, located in the Old Mill business district.

Midland University Code Academy begins with 14-weeks of learning the essentials of code and web development. Students build upon those skills through a 12-week focus area, such as JavaScript, or WordPress. Wrapping up the Code Academy is a nine-week capstone experience working with local partner companies on actual projects. Throughout the Code Academy, students will receive one-on-one mentoring sessions with those working in the profession.

Students who sign up for the entire program will receive financial incentives and be automatically enrolled in Midland University Code Academy’s career placement network.

“By the end of the Code Academy, students will be armed with the technical skills needed to succeed in this field, and they will have an impressive portfolio to match. Our community will benefit from graduates trained and ready to invest in the Omaha job market.” Yost said.

The first session of classes begins Sept. 5. To learn more about Midland University Code Academy, visit

For nearly 135 years, Midland University has provided opportunities for students to pursue their passions in a variety of professions. Midland opened its Omaha center this past spring as demand for graduate and professional programs has increased. 

Yost, lead faculty for the Code Academy, is founder and president of Method Mark, an Omaha firm that provides marketing and strategy expertise to area companies. He is an investor and advisor to a number of local small businesses and startups.