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Midland University Hosts NET Ready to Learn for Preschoolers

Midland University Hosts NET Ready to Learn for Preschoolers

Nov 15th , 2013

Midland University’s teacher education students teamed up with Fremont Head Start to put on a NET Ready To Learn- Fremont event on Thursday.

Midland University opened its doors to nearly 300 preschooler and parents with Midland student education students working as one-on-one leaders at each of the 10 educational stations.

“I think this was a great opportunity for the kids and a good chance for us to get teaching experience,” said Rachel Papa, a sophomore elementary education, special education and early childhood education major. “Midland is great about throwing us into the classroom, which is good because it really assures you that you are where you want to be and doing what you love.”

Midland students in EDU 255, Intro to Early Childhood, prepared for the event by training with NET. After training, education students helped to put on 10 interactive education stations that gave children the chance to try out PBS apps. The apps were based off of PBS kids programs such as, Daniel Tiger, Super Why!, Dinosaur Train, Wild Kratts, Sid the Science Kid, Martha Speaks, and Word World. Princess Presto and Super Why, stars from the PBS show Super Why! were also at the event to greet the kids and provide photo opportunities. Parents had the opportunity to receive free download codes for several of the PBS mobile apps.

Midland University teacher education program partnered with Nebraska’s Ready To Learn in order to enhance school readiness efforts and offset learning gaps. Ready To Learn is a coordinated learning experience that connects concepts learned in school, after school, during summer programs, and in the home with the goal of strengthening children’s math and literacy skills.