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Midland University Hosts Math Olympiad

Midland University Hosts Math Olympiad

Oct 21st , 2011

Midland University today welcomes 150 high school students taking part in the Midland University High School Math Olympiad. Thirteen schools are taking part in the event.

“We are excited to welcome these students and teachers,” said Dr. Ben Sasse, Midland University President. “I can’t think of a better setting for this kind of competition than a college campus. We’re interested in encouraging students of all ages to challenge themselves, set aggressive goals and to start thinking earlier about college. Being part of this event is an opportunity for Midland to help further the educational achievements of Nebraska students, and it helps encourage more high school students to think aspirationally about college.”

Students from across the greater Omaha metro area will take part in the challenge, with teams from Lincoln, Arlington and Norris represented as well.

This is the first math challenge held at Midland since the 1990’s and is a result of a partnership with Omaha Central High School, which has hosted an annual math challenge in recent years. Last year, Midland became an adopt-a-school partner of the Central High School Foundation and sponsor of the Omaha Central Math Club.

Students will compete in individual and team challenges during the event. The individual of the day includes a 25 question exam covering algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus and was developed by Greg Sand, a 2011 Buffett Outstanding Teacher of the Year, and math faculty at Omaha Central High. In the team challenge, students complete the math portion of the SAT exam with the top six individual scores being summed to arrive at a team score.

Schools taking part in the event include: Arlington High School, Duchesne Academy, Elkhorn South, Lincoln East, Mercy, Millard North, Millard South, Mount Michael, Norris, Omaha Central, Omaha North, Omaha Northwest, and Ralston High Schools.

Dr. Zhongming Huang of the Midland Math Department said, “We are excited to be hosting this event and look forward to meeting these students and seeing the results of today’s competition.”

The competition convenes this morning with individual and team awards presented at 1:30 p.m. in Kimmel Theatre.