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Midland University Community works to help Wayne tornado victims

Midland University Community works to help Wayne tornado victims

Nov 1st , 2013

Wayne, Neb. –Several Midland University students, faculty and staff teamed up to bring relief to the community of Wayne recently. In the wake of tornado damage in Wayne, Neb., the group rallied within the Midland Community and traveled to help Wayne residents get back on their feet.  The crew spent the day cleaning wreckage and storm damage.

Dr. Janet Lack, a graduation advisor in Midland’s Center for the Four Year Graduation Guarantee, organized the relief effort.

“This was a great opportunity because it allowed students to help those in need,” said Lack. “I think it also empowered them to plan their own trip in the future. “

Over what was the university’s fall break, a team of ten Midland students, along with faculty and staff, traveled to Wayne to counter damage brought on by a F4 tornado. The tornado destroyed at least eight buildings and severely damaged five more, causing millions of dollars in damage.

“The people of Wayne were very appreciative and thankful,” said Lack. “ I think it gave them hope to start over and keep going. It was a blessing to be able to help these people because I know that they would do the same for us.”