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Midland University’s Master’s in Education impacts community

Midland University’s Master’s in Education impacts community

Feb 17th , 2014

In a time when assessment is a hot topic across the state, Midland University’s Master’s in Education program is quickly making quality assessment a staple in the local area. Formed as a two-year program to prepare teachers for leadership positions, the program is building a reputation for stretching coursework well beyond the classroom.

“We have built curriculum to grow the learner as a leader,” said Dr. Sue Evanich, Administrative Director of the MEd. ”The student’s final Capstone Project has been crafted to the individual. It lets the learner examine his or her surroundings and make a powerful positive impression on the local area.”


In many instances, this innovative final Capstone Project has made a lasting leap from a student project to a heavy influencer on the community’s youth. For example, Axton Kahler, a Middle School Art teacher at Fremont Public Schools, used his final project to combine modern technology and proven learning techniques. A 2012 Midland MEd graduate, he implemented the use of iPads for formative classroom assessment, helping students earn feedback on an individual basis.

Likewise, Olivia McCain, a 2013 graduate, applied her project at Logan View Elementary in Hooper, Neb. As an elementary teacher, her project promoted and facilitated Response to Interventions (RtI). This RtI system allows immediate response to students at all levels of learning.  The method works in close proximity with the individual student, using early intervention, consistent measurement, and frequent assessment to keep students from falling behind academically.

Former students like Axton and Olivia have put final projects into action after completing two years of coursework. A 36-credit program featuring eight-week courses, the Midland MEd emphasizes leadership within the classroom or on the playing field. Officially tagged “MEd - Leadership in Teaching and Learning”, the young program is geared specifically towards teachers or coaches striving to establish leadership positions. During the two years, the student is able to choose the basis for his or her Capstone Project, molding newly acquired knowledge into an intensive, personalized final project.

As influential as final student projects have been, many of the Midland MEd program’s recent successes have been credited to its unique structure. The flexible balance of in-class meetings and online coursework allows for teachers to build skills as they work within the classroom. Because many of the MEd instructors lead coursework with backgrounds in high-level leadership positions, connections are naturally established with local districts. In turn, learners have been able to implement coursework that benefits schools, individual districts, and generations of learners.

“It’s been exciting to see our students put knowledge into practice,” said Dr. Evanich. “We have gotten an amazing response from local schools and are realizing a growing interest in the Midland MEd program.”

Midland University plans to celebrate this growing momentum with the unveiling of a brand new MEd - Leadership in Teaching and Learning website on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Complimenting the site’s launch will be a special offer where students who deposit before May 1 will receive free books and the program’s final course free. To learn more about the Midland Master of Education Program, please visit