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Midland students attend Nebraska Undergraduate Sociology Symposium

Midland students attend Nebraska Undergraduate Sociology Symposium

Nov 9th , 2012

Midland sociology students traveled to Lincoln recently to learn from colleagues, professionals and scholars from around the state at the Nebraska Undergraduate Sociology Symposium.

“This conference was an excellent opportunity for students to learn from each other and display knowledge in a comprehensive way,” said Dr. Megan Nielsen, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Midland University. “They were also exposed to some great speakers who have been experts in the field for a very long time.”

All in all, 25 Midland students attended the conference with four students presenting to a group of approximately 150.  Midland’s presenters, Sela Harcey, Kaitlyn Johnson, Kristen Ruzicka and Audrey Arbuckle, put their education into action with demonstrations on topics ranging from religion to bowling, to student involvement and academic performance.

Students also took notes from speakers such as Dr. Peter Adler, a well-known author and earner of the 2010 George Herbert Mead Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction.

“This was a great opportunity to see what sociology is all about,” said Sela Harcey . “It engaged students and really put education in a useful context. I’m definitely glad I had the chance to go.”