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Midland hosts nearly 800 students at 2013 Career Day event

Midland hosts nearly 800 students at 2013 Career Day event

Mar 28th , 2013

Midland University hosted nearly 800 high school sophomores recently for Career Day 2013. The all-day event, put on by the Fremont Area Career Development Coalition, brought in students from 15 different schools from across the state.

At Career Day, students gained knowledge and understanding of their career interests, college life and the career world. The event used local resources to help students focus on purpose-driven education and career preparation.

After an introduction from Midland University President Dr. Ben Sasse and the Career Development Coalition, participants opened the day by listening to the keynote speaker, Aaron Davis of Aaron Davis Presentations. Davis encouraged students to pursue their full potential in a presentation entitled “Don’t Go and Look for a Job. Search for Your Passion!” In the morning session, students traveled to various career groups to receive advice from panel members with working experience. Each session featured experts from specific careers and allowed students to interact with leaders.

In the afternoon event, participants traveled to enrichment sessions for advice and tips on success. Students were able to choose enrichment sessions that best fit their individual interests.

This year’s seminar caps the sixth annual installment of Career Day, which began in 2008.