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Midland hosts 4th annual Festival of the Arts

Midland hosts 4th annual Festival of the Arts

Mar 20th , 2013

Midland University’s ARTS Department recently hosted the 4th annual Festival of The Arts across the Midland Campus.  Over 600 students in performing groups from across the state attended the two-day event, sharpening skills, celebrating art and learning about the collegiate arts experience. 

“It was very exciting and inspiring to work with middle and high school students who love music as much as I do,” said Erik Anderson, a junior Midland ARTS student. “It gave me a whole new love for the arts and reassured me of the career path that I’m on.”

Participants started the day by listening to speakers and participating in workshops led by professionals like Jamal Nasserdeen, a manager for Paramount Pictures, AdryonGross, a primary vocalist from Disneyland, Nico Bauman, a professional dancer from Vancouver, Canada, and Otha Womack, recently on "America's Got Talent". Professional performers were complimented by the back-up vocals of Midland’s Clef Dwellers and choreography to popular songs like “Apologize” and “Use Somebody”.  Numbers also featured the Midland Wildfire dance team. All the while, Midland ARTS students offered instructions, gave advice and shared their experiences.

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