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Midland Expanding Varsity Sports Roster Once Again

Midland Expanding Varsity Sports Roster Once Again

Oct 11th , 2011

Midland University President, Dr. Ben Sasse, today announced major changes to the Midland lacrosse program for the 2011-12 school year, beginning with the hiring of Christine Hatton of Conyers, Ga. as the new women’s lacrosse coach.

Additionally, Sasse announced that startingthis year, Midland will be playing varsity lacrosse as part of the National Women’s Lacrosse League. The move takes the program from club sport and provides opportunities for Midland’s lacrosse team to play varsity teams at other small colleges.

Midland already offers more athletic opportunities for students than any private school in the state. The addition of lacrosse brings Midland’s athletic offerings to a total of 23 varsity sports, matching the number available at any Nebraska college or university – public or private.

“I’m delighted to welcome Christine to Nebraska and to Midland,” Dr. Sasse said. “Christine comes to us from a small school. She knows the league we are joining and she values the personal attention and close-knit feel of a campus like ours. We look forward to seeing her team on the field this spring.”

Hatton played three seasons for the Tennessee Wesleyan College Bulldogs and was part of a season capped with a league championship where she was a player and also assisted coaching staff. In 2011, Hatton and the Bulldogs were undefeated in the National Women’s Lacrosse League (NWLL). She received her bachelor’s degree in exercise science with an emphasis in sport and fitness management and a minor in business administration from Tennessee Wesleyan.

Hatton said, “I am very excited to help Midland University transition to a varsity lacrosse. The tools to be successful are in place here and I look forward to growing this program.”

The NWLL was formed last year by like-minded NAIA schools that sponsor lacrosse. Charter members include Shorter University, Indiana Tech, Robert Morris, Missouri Baptist, Reinhardt University, and Tennessee Wesleyan.

The latest addition to Midland’s varsity roster follows the addition of four varsity sports in 2010; wrestling, men’s and women’s bowling, and competitive cheer/dance. Lacrosse was offered as a club sport in 2010, and this year is one of a dozen women’s varsity sports at Midland

The varsity lacrosse schedule will be announced soon with games expected to start in mid-February. A complete list of Midland’s varsity athletics offerings is available online at