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Master of Athletic Training

With an estimated growth rate of 21 percent, the demand of Certified Athletic Trainers is expected to grow "much faster than average," the Bureau of Labor Statistics states. Midland University's comprehensive classroom coursework and 31 Varsity Sports provides future Athletic Training professionals with the knowledge, skills, hands on experience and practice to be successful in a wide range of professional settings.


The mission of the Master of Athletic Training program is to provide future Athletic Training professionals with the knowledge, skills, and practice to be successful in a wide range of professional settings.

Program objectives

At the completion of the Midland University MAT program, students are:

  • Prepared to take and pass the NATA exam
  • Clinically proficient at the level defined by CAATE
  • Competent to provide athletic training services in a wide variety of professional settings with diverse patient populations
  • Able to synthesize information, make decisions, and act in ways that maximize patient outcomes
  • Exhibiting behaviors consistent with those of athletic training professionals

3+2 Option

With the 3+2 option, Midland University allows undergraduates to get a degree in Human Performance and a Master of Athletic Training in five years.

Incoming students interested in the 3+2 option will begin by pursuing an undergraduate degree and fulfilling all pre-requisite courses during the first three years of their undergraduate program.  Eligible students will then apply to the MAT during their junior year. Once accepted into the program they will enroll in Master level courses in the Summer and Fall of their senior year while also finishing up their undergraduate degree.  These Masters level courses also count as electives towards their undergraduate degree.  By the end of fall semester, successful students are awarded undergraduate degrees and become full-time graduate students in the spring.

Student athletes are allowed to finish their senior year of eligibility while enrolled in the MAT.

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Traditional Option

For those students who already have an undergraduate degree, Midland offers a traditional, two-year MAT option. Students can apply for the program and begin summer courses. The clinical immersion experience allows students to obtain a full-time athletic training experience in a variety of settings.

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