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Majors & Concentrations

Majors & Concentrations

As a Midland English student, your professors and advisors will help you develop critical thinking and writing abilities, depth of learning, including of aesthetic awareness, and preparation for graduate study or for your professional career.

At Midland University, you can major in Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. The Exercise Science concentration prepares students for careers in one of the fastest growing allied health professions. Exercise scientists work in health promotion, fitness development, clinical rehabilitation and many other fields.

The General Business major is designed for students who plan to start a small business, enter a family business after graduation, or just want a broad range of business courses. Students will develop a broad background in business through a variety of courses.

Graphic art is a growing field that demands artistic talent, design ability and thorough understanding of design programs. As a Commercial Art student, you will study drawing and ceramics in addition to taking introductory courses in advertising design, graphic illustration and graphic design.

As a Midland History Major student, you will explore a variety of political, social, and cultural frameworks that encompass the events of United States, European, and non-Western history. Students examine the nature of historical developments within core history courses while developing their own interests by selecting from a number of elective support courses.

The Midland University Human Performance program is designed to prepare you to access key positions in the sports medicine, fitness, physical education and sport management fields and to empower you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to make a successful transition into a career in Human Performance. Students are encouraged to think critically and reflectively in order to promote leadership in the complexity of life’s wellness issues and trends.

The human services major prepares students for social or human service agency work in the human services field. In addition to classroom study, students have the opportunity through internships to gain job-relevant skills, knowledge of the field, and clinical experiences while working with local educational and human services agencies such as Head Start, Probation Office, Department of Social Services, and Masonic Eastern Star Home for Children.

Midland graduates have succeeded in business management positions in corporations spanning the country. Talented business managers are needed in all facets of administration: sales, personnel, production and more. Students interested in becoming entrepreneurs will find the management major invaluable.

The Journalism and Mass Communications major is designed to prepare you for a variety of positions in the professional media, as well as for graduate school. With two concentrations being offered, advertising and public relations or journalism, you can choose what fits your personal interest.

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department believes that mathematics serves a central role in the human experience. Mathematics is the language used to describe the patterns encountered in our lives and to express the logical relationships in these patterns. Computer science, in turn, enhances our ability to understand these relationships. As a math/computer science student, you will gain knowledge of mathematical and/or computer science theory, techniques and application. You will also use hands-on techniques to solve problems in multiple settings using analytical, critical and creative thinking skills.

A K-12 Vocal Music Education Endorsement is available for students accepted in the Midland Teacher Education program.

Midland University’s natural science major is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes a broad exposure to the major science disciplines. As a student majoring in Natural Science, you will have the opportunity to study biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy and math. This approach will allow you to recognize the interrelations of all areas of science. This major provides a strong background for a variety of careers, with graduates currently in education, health fields, and government as well as science. It also appeals to students who feel they may change careers during their lifetime.