Midland University - Fremont, Ne



The sociology major is offered by the Sociology Department for students who desire to work in the helping or research professions. Employment in the helping professions would include working in the criminal justice system, through government agencies, education, or other fields. Research professions would include jobs related to social science research, demography, and business. Sociology provides valuable insight and analysis into the workings of society, the family, the legal system and other institutions.

In addition to classroom study, students have the opportunity through internships to gain job-relevant skills, knowledge of the field, and clinical experiences. Students also have the opportunity for conducting and participating in research projects, which can be presented at local and regional sociology conferences. 


* Anthropologist

* Personnel Manager

* Case Worker

* Police Officer

* Church Worker

* Political Scientist

* City Manager

* Probation Officer

* Coach

* Psychologist

* Consultant

* Public Administrator

* Counselor

* Public Relations Manager

* Criminologist

* Research Assistant

* Demographer

* Recreation Worker

* Economist

* Social Worker

* Educator

* Sociologist

* Funeral Director

* Survey Worker

* Gerontologist

* Urban Planner

* Historian

* Human Services Worker

* Hospital Administrator

* Writer

* Labor Relations Specialist

* Editor

* Lawyer

* Demographer

* Market Research Analyst

* Ethnologist

* Clergy

* Penologist

* Missionary

* Placement Director

* Peace Corp/VISTA Worker