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Social Science

Social Science

The Social Science composite is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes a broad exposure to several disciplines including history, sociology and economics. Students do intensive study in one discipline while attaining competence in several social science areas. Although primarily designed for students preparing to teach in the public schools, a non-teaching social science major provides a strong background for a variety of careers.

Social Science 7-12 Field Endorsement:  

Refer to the Education section of the catalog for education courses and general education requirements necessary for Nebraska certification.   This endorsement requires 60 hours of coursework in the social sciences areas of History, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. 

Careers for Social Science Majors: 

Administrative Officer of the Court

Alcohol Firearms & Tobacco Agent

Attorney General's Office Investigator

Border Patrol Agent

Bureau of Narcotics Agent

Community Based Correctional Facility Administrator

Community Development

Community Counselor

Correctional Facility Specialist

Correctional Facility Intake Screener

Correctional Officer

Correctional Service Supervisor

Crime Prevention Coordinator

Customs Agent

FBI Agent

Federal Protective Order

Fish & Game Agent

Fraud Examiner

Highway Patrol Officer

Investigator for a Private Attorney

Investigator for a Public Defender's Office

Juvenile Probation Officer

Parole Officer

Police Officer

Postal Inspector

Pretrial Release Program Adminitraton

Assistant Professor, Social Science
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Social Science