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Natural Science

Natural Science

Midland University’s natural science major is an interdisciplinary major that emphasizes a broad exposure to the major science disciplines. As a student majoring in Natural Science, you will have the opportunity to study biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy, and math.  This approach will allow you to recognize the interrelations of all areas of science. This major provides a strong background for a variety of careers, with graduates currently in education, health fields, and government as well as science. It also appeals to students who feel they may change careers during their lifetime.

A Midland Natural Science (Medical Arts) Major:

At Midland University, you can choose to major in Natural Science with a concentration in Medical Arts.  This area of study allows you to discover and understand the underlying natural and physical laws that govern and sustain the world and can demonstrate how the sciences and health professions are interrelated.

A full list of Midland University Natural Science Major courses and credit information can be found here

Popular Natural Science Major Careers: 

Midland University’s natural science major equips students with the tools for a wide range of careers.



High School Science Teacher

Medical/Clinical Lab Scientist

Radiographer/Radiation Technologist 



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