Midland University - Fremont, Ne

Para to Teacher Program

With the largest and most diverse population of students in the state of Nebraska, Omaha Public Schools has the important goal of placing teachers who mirror the diversity of the students in classrooms. Midland University has developed a program to meet these goals. The two-year learning and learner-centered program aims to prepare para-educators for earning a teaching degree with a field endorsement in Elementary Education K-8 and either a supplemental endorsement in Early Childhood Education or English Language Learners. 

Program Hallmarks

Community Blocks

  • Year long blocks of courses rather than individual, unconnected courses.
  • Collaboration between Midland professors, OPS adjuncts, and OPS consultants.
  • Authentic experiences connected to experiences in the classrooms where they work.


  • Candidates and faculty will choose class times and dates.
  • Classes will be held at Midland's new facility in Omaha.
  • Candidates will learn how to use technology to keep in contact in-between meeting times.
  • Candidates will continue to work as para-educators during the program and credit will be given for field based experience hours.

OPS Preparation - Urban Emphasis

  • Candidates will experience OPS tenets of urban education including AVID within their coursework.
  • Candidates will be given general education credit (3 hours) for taking the Minnesota Humanities Courses.
  • Content will be integrated with candidates completing Nebraska's INTASC course standards as well as OPS Academy Action Plan Best Instructional Practices.
  • Candidates will be able to make connections between coursework and the OPS classrooms and communities where they work.

Individualized Instructional Coaching

  • Candidates will be coached by Midland faculty in the classrooms where they work.
  • Candidates will be assessed on their performance of planning, implementing instruction, thinking, and reflection.
  • Candidates will get feedback about their ability to be coached.


For additional information, contact the Center for Graduate & Professional Studies at (402) 941-6226 or